Sense8 Series Finale Gets a Poster & Premiere Date

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The two-hour series finale for Sense8 officially has a new poster and a premiere date. The finale for the original Netflix series will become available through the streaming subscription service starting June 8.

Sense8 follows the lives of a random group of people, seemingly unrelated, who live all over the world, have a variety of different beliefs, and live very different kinds of lives. Something, though, suddenly connects them mentally so that they can see what each other sees, feel what each other feels and share in intimate details of everything that goes on each person's life. Because of this, though, there are others who would hunt these special people down, those who perceive the mentally connected links as a threat.

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Netflix made the announcement about the Sense8 finale on Twitter by posting the two-hour special's poster, which includes its premiere date. The streaming service canceled Sense8 after its second season, citing a high cost of production and low viewership. The show's ambitious premise does include backdrops all over the world, with each scene being shot on location, making it cost-prohibitive for Netflix to continue it as a series. Sense8 fans petitioned the streaming subscription service to bring the show back, though, if only to wrap up its many dangling plot threads. At first, Netflix seemed reluctant to listen to fans, but the company eventually agreed to bring Sense8 back as a two-hour special that will serve as its series finale.

Netflix promises that the two-hour special will offer a satisfying conclusion for fans. In an interview with Radio Times, Netflix's vice president for original content Cindy Holland said:

“[Sense8] I believe in particular has a very important message and is a very important series for a lot of fans around the world. We were gratified to see so much fan love, and we were happy to be able to support what I think all the fans around the world will agree is going to be a fantastic, fitting conclusion for it."

Although it seems like Netflix continues to release original series on a regular basis only to cancel them, at least the company understood the necessity to provide an ending for a show as ambitious and beautiful as Sense8. The series raised a lot of questions about the nature of the mental connection shared by its characters and about the relationships that they have with each other. The poster says "until the end," which is possibly a tease of things to come in the season finale.

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Sense8 seasons 1 & 2 are now available for streaming through Netflix. The series finale becomes available starting Friday, June 8.

Source: Netflix

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