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Sense8 Finale

Sense8 has come to its confusing - and shocking - end. Fans of the Netflix series have long known that the show often doesn't make a lot of sense and is sometimes an abstract piece of art that requires appreciation more than once and from a variety of different angles. That sense of confusion is all part of the show's beauty, of course, as well as how it explains the complicated interconnectedness of humans, sometimes quite literally.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the Sense8 series finale movie that Netflix released last week would still leave some fans scratching their heads, a little confused about what actually happened onscreen. And that's okay: when it comes to Sense8, it is often more important to remember that the destination is often more important than the convoluted journey.

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However, the Sense8 series finale movie did nevertheless wrap up most of the show's major plot points in a little over two hours. Almost everyone who deserved it got a happy ending (even if there were times when that didn't seem possible), but getting to that happy ending was often an extremely winding road. As you reel from the farewell to the Sensates, we're going to dive into some of the murkier events that happened throughout the course of the ending.

Wolfgang’s Rescue Explained

In Sense8 Season 2, the BPO kidnapped Wolfgang, so one of the most important plot points of the series finale revolved around how his cluster would save him. For the first time, the group all physically came together in Paris (sans Wolfgang, of course) to start working on a plan on how they could use Whispers (one of the BPO's leaders), who they captured, to get Wolfgang back. The plan they came up with had a lot of elements, many of which had details that were easy to miss during the crazy action sequences.

Will and Riley meet with an old friend of Riley's who owned a nightclub in Paris. They request the use it to set up the exchange with the BPO: they will trade Whispers for Wolfgang. When they begin planning, they discover that the BPO has no affiliation with local police beyond terrorist alerts, so the Cluster arranges to use that to their advantage; just before the set time of the exchange, a disguised Lito approaches a French police car on the street and points out a BPO van, alerting the police officers that it belongs to terrorists who are about to attack the city. The police approach the van and arrest the BPO members inside (who are already dressed suspiciously).

Meanwhile, Bug, Amanita and Nomi hide inside a disguised van with their computer gear so that they can monitor the situation. Daniela, Lito and Hernando go to the club and keep an eye on the crowd, sending back word to Bug's team about any cops or BPO agents that they notice. In another disguised van, Capheus and Sun drop off Will, Riley and Whispers at the back of the club for the exchange. Bug, Amanita and Nomi tap into the city's security network and see BPO, along with Lila, escorting Wolfgang into the club. What they don't see, though, is that one of the agents hands Lila a gun.

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Unexpectedly, Bodhi turns up in the club and pulls a knife and tries to attack Whispers, who Will fights off - they need Whispers alive. In the chaos, though, Whispers gets free and runs away and into the arms of one of the BPO agents. Once Lila learns that her team has Whispers, she reveals that she planned on double-crossing everyone, pointing a gun at Wolfgang's head. A fight ensues to prevent that, and Wolfgang gets free. The team then use smoke pots that emit a bad odor to get everyone out of the club as safe and efficiently as possible.

Capheus strips a set of signs off of the second van, revealing what looks like a French police van. Several of the cluster members meet this van at the rendezvous point and make their getaway, with Wolfgang in tow. Sun gets caught by the BPO, but Detective Kwon-Ho Mun arrives and helps get her to safety. The rest of the cluster make their way to the Metro, safe and sound. Meanwhile, Lila takes Whispers as her own hostage, double-crossing the BPO.

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