Sense8 Christmas Special Trailer & Special Message from Lana Wachowski

Hernando in the Sense8 Christmas Special

Last summer, the Wachowski sisters solidified their role as iconic voices in sci-fi with the release of their Netflix original drama series, Sense8. The show follows eight protagonists from different parts of the world who share a mental-emotional link. The eight must band together to protect each other from those who wish to hunt them for their unique abilities. Though the show is primarily an action/sci-fi series, it has also been praised for its skillful representations of various identities, particularly via its LGBT characters.

As the show gained a kind of cult following after its 2015 premiere, fans have been itching for news about a potential second season. And, though a follow-up season seemed iffy for a while, fans finally got their wish (and then some) when Netflix announced that Sense8 would get both a 2016 Christmas special and a ten-episode second season. With the Christmas special looming and season 2 slated for mid-2017, Netflix has finally released a trailer for the Christmas special -- and a special behind-the-scenes message from co-creator Lana Wachowski, to boot.

The trailer for the two-hour Christmas special is sure to thrill even those who don't follow Sense8, with its haunting choir rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" (R.I.P.) and shots of both the sensates' personal moments and action-packed fight sequences. It's basically everything one would expect from Sense8 -- but with Santa hats and Christmas lights. You can check out the trailer, above.

In contrast, Lana Wachowski released a message to fans via Netflix explaining her desire to air a Christmas special. "Holidays can make you feel connected, [and] holidays can make you feel so isolated and alone," she says. Watch the co-creator's full message, below:

Judging by the trailer and Lana's comments on the upcoming special, it looks like the two-hour event will continue to develop the personal struggles of each sensate, while still emphasizing the group's bond. There could be rocky times ahead for sensate Lito and his boyfriend Hernando, as they continue to navigate machismo in the public eye. It also looks like Will and Riley's happy reunion is interrupted by Whispers, the show's chief antagonist.

As Lana promises, it looks like the Christmas special will see the sensates battle loneliness and isolation, while simultaneously celebrating their newfound connections. This trailer intercuts uplifting images with tension-heavy scenes, and overall paints a skillful picture of the drama fans know and love -- a show rife with issues and struggle that emphasizes the importance of human relationships. It's also awesome to see one of the Wachowski sisters talk about the upcoming special, motivated by her personal love of old-school TV holiday episodes, given the sisters' notorious camera-shyness.

This trailer and behind-the-scenes clip are sure to get fans of the show excited, and they could even entice sci-fi fans who have yet to enter the world of Sense8. With the entirety of the show's first season ready and waiting on Netflix, it looks like those of us yet to watch the series have until December 23 to catch up -- and, really, that's more than enough time to binge.

The Sense8 Christmas special comes to Netflix Dec. 23, with the rest of season 2 premiering on May 5, 2017.

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