'Seinfeld': All 180 Episodes Available On Hulu Plus

Seinfeld now on Hulu

It may have gotten off to a slightly bumpy start, but Seinfeld proved itself to be one of the greatest television programs of all time. Thanks to a winning combination of sharp writing and memorable characters, the comedy series was one of the standout shows of the 1990s and still entertains audiences to this day thanks to its omnipresence in syndication. Though a new episode hasn't aired since 1998, Seinfeld is still finding new generations of fans to laugh about "nothing."

Now there's another way for newcomers to discover the Soup Nazi, Festivus, and what exactly The Contest is about. All 9 seasons of Seinfeld (180 episodes) are available on the streaming service Hulu Plus (which costs $8 per month), starting today.

The news comes courtesy of none other than Jerry Seinfeld himself, who took to Twitter to express his enthusiasm for his iconic show's next step in pop culture:

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