Seinfeld: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Even though it has been off the air since 1998, Seinfeld remains one of the most rewatchable shows in history. Thanks to the clever writing and memorable characters, it's the kind of show that whenever you see a rerun, you can't hep but stop and watch. The show continues to find new fans and entertain old fans even after all these years. However, the has left a few questions hanging which the reruns just can't answer.

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Seinfeld might not seem like the kind of show that holds a lot of mystery, but there are several unanswered questions that still perplex fans to this day. The unique comedy writing of the show meant that they weren't afraid to leave the occasion loose end. Here are some of the unresolved storylines in Seinfeld.

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10 Did Ray Steal The Statue?

In the sixth episode of the show's second season, Jerry inherits some random paraphernalia from his grandfather including one small statue that catches George's eye. It exactly resembles a similar statue he broke as a child and his parents never forgave him for. He is thrilled to have it back but when the statue goes missing and ends up in the home of Ray, Jerry's cleaning man, George is sure Ray stole it.

Honestly, the evidence against Ray is pretty damning. It would be a pretty big coincidence if he happened to have the same statue that disappeared from a house he cleaned. But although Kramer retrieves the statue, we never get a definitive answer on the subject. After all, George has been wrong before.

9 Why Does Frank's Lawyer Wear A Cape?

Larry David Cape - Underrated Seinfeld Episodes

Co-creator Larry David made one of his few onscreen appearances on the show as Frank Costanza's mysterious lawyer. When Elaine and Jerry stop Frank on the street, they hesitate to talk to him because he is with a man who is wearing a cape. This greatly perplexes the group, but when George finds out Frank hired him as a divorce lawyer, that becomes his main concern.

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The man shows up at the end of the episode to save Elaine's friend from jumping off the bridge, but we never get to hear an explanation for why he decides to wear a cape. Does he think he's a superhero? Does he think that's how lawyer's are supposed to dress? Very strange choice.

8 Was That Salman Rushdie At Kramer's Health Club?

Kramer has had some run-ins with very famous people over the course of the series. He appeared on an episode of Murphy Brown. He was fired from a Woody Allen movie. He even claims to have seen Mickey Mantle in a donut shop. However, whether or not he shared a sauna with famous writer Salman Rushdie remains unconfirmed.

The man Kramer claims is Rushdie bears a resemblance to The Satanic Verses author and his alias Sal Bass is a giveaway in Kramer's mind. Alas, though Kramer comes close to convincing us, there is no way to say for certain.

7 Who Is Bob Sacamano?

Kramer Pretzel - Underrated Seinfeld Episodes

Whatever strange scenario that comes up, no matter how hair-brained or ludicrous, Kramer seems to have a relevant story involving his friend Bob Sacamano. Kramer claims that Bob contracted rabies on one occasion. He claims Bob works at a condom factory. He even claims Bob stayed with Kramer for a year and a half. The strange thing about Bob is that he never appears on the show.

While it would be easy to dismiss Bob as a figment of Kramer's mad imagination, there is some evidence that he does exist. Jerry has even claimed to have spoken to him on the phone. It still seems strange that one man could do so much with his life.

6 How Much Did Jerry's Jacket Cost?

Jerry is a man who cares about his appearance, yet he doesn't seem too preoccupied with fashion. However, in one massive purchase, Jerry decided to buy a jacket because it looked so good on him. Though everyone agrees that the jacket looks great, they also seem to agree that the price was insanely high, although he never hear the actually number.

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The reaction from everyone tells us everything we need to know about how substantial the purchase was. George even gets angry at Jerry for spending so much. But with such a big deal made of it, we would love to know just how much it really was.

5 What Was George's Special Assignment?

George often finds himself in difficult situations and they are largely due to his own incompetence. While working at the Yankees, he fails to follow his boss, Mr. Wilhelm, into the bathroom as he's talking, resulting in George failing to hear the details of a special assignment he was given.

The only clues George is given about the project are that it involves payroll and the song "Downtown" holds the key. The project is eventually accomplished by some unknown means, though it's hinted that Wilhelm might have some slight memory loss and could have done it himself. George never learns what the project is, nor does he really care.

4 Was Jerry's Girlfriend Wearing The Same Dress Every Time?

Jerry is quick to identify the strangest aspects of his the women he dates, such as having large hands or making informal greetings on the phone. However, in the case of the girl with the one dress, he became more interested in this mystery than he was with the girl.

After meeting the woman and asking her out, Jerry notices that she has worn the same dress every time he's seen her. He wonders if it's the exact same dress or if she has a closet full of them. He becomes obsessed about finding the answer but she breaks things off before he can.

3 Why Didn't Audrey Eat The Pie?

Another of Jerry's failed romances ended with a mystery left hanging. Jerry and Audrey seem to be getting along just fine until he offers her a bite of his pie and she refuses. She also refuses to gives an explanation as to why she won't take a bit, a fact which drives Jerry mad.

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Jerry eventually tries to set up another scenario to see if she'll accept the offer again but things quickly go off the rails. It becomes yet another instance of the relationship falling apart before Jerry can get to the bottom of the mystery.

2 What Was George's Comeback?

It's fair to say that George has some anger issues. He hates to be ridiculed and seeks revenge on people who insult him in even the smallest way. After being humiliated by a colleague's insult in a work meeting, George feels as though he comes up with the perfect comeback with the famous "jerk store" line. That obviously backfires but at the end of the episode, we see a new even more perfect comeback come to George as he races back to use it.

Knowing George and hearing his previous comeback, we can imagine it might not be as good as he thinks. But given his excitement when he comes up with it, it's a shame we'll never hear what it was.

1 Why Did Jerry And Elaine Break Up?

Jerry and Elaine in Seinfeld

Jerry and Elaine have some complicated history. In any other show, they would have eventually gotten together to live happily ever after. Of course, Seinfeld is unlike most shows and the finale even pokes fun at that expectation. We know that they once dated before the events of the show and that they briefly rekindled things in the second season, however, the details of their initial break-up are left unanswered.

They clearly have enough in common to remain friends all these years, but something just didn't click on the romance side of things. We're thankful for that but the unaddressed history is intriguing.

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