Jerry Seinfeld Confirms A 'Seinfeld' Reunion With Jason Alexander


Few television comedies are as beloved as Seinfeld. The series – which ran from 1989 to 1998 – is still widely considered one of the best written shows ever conceived, and fans are still clamoring for more, despite the 2009 pseudo-reunion that took place on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, which stars Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

Recent word that David and Seinfeld were working on a "secret project" got the rumor mill swirling again about a potential extension of the Seinfeld brand, but few details were disclosed, leaving the mystery very much under wraps. However, new insight into exactly what the duo has been up to may give Seinfeld fans a reason to break out the Festivus pole once again.

Seinfeld recently appeared on WFAN's Boomer and Carton radio show in New York, and the hosts questioned him at great lengths about a photo (see below) of the comedian and Seinfeld co-star Jason Alexander in front of Tom's Restaurant, the real-life Manhattan eatery that served as the exterior for the show's Monk's Café. Seinfeld confirmed that the project was not a Super Bowl commercial nor an episode of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but also said it is a "secret project."

The show's hosts managed to convince Seinfeld to play a game of 20 questions over the project, and here's what we've learned. The filmed "secret project" runs over one minute in length and features Alexander reprising his role of George Costanza, with other Seinfeld characters having a part of it as well. David is also involved but does not appear either onscreen or as voice talent (meaning that he's not returning as the voice of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner). Other locations are involved, but Jerry's apartment from the show is not one of them, Seinfeld confirmed. Whatever the project is, he said that it's probably a "one and done" affair and that fans should be seeing it "very, very soon."

Seinfeld and Alexander at Tom's Restaurant

Seinfeld fans may be scratching their heads to figure out exactly what this project could be, but based on the details Seinfeld provided (as well as his mention that Alexander was not surprised to receive the call), there is one most likely scenario. On the DVD box set for the show's final season, Seinfeld mentioned that he and Alexander discussed filming one final scene at the coffee shop, which would take place after the gang completed the prison sentence they were charged with in the series finale and has since mentioned that it could still happen. Fans may remember that Jerry and his friends were only sentenced to one year behind bars, but if Seinfeld and David have finally scripted this coda to their series, the fact that 16 years have passed since that episode aired could punctuate the comedy of how traumatic life in prison was.

This possibility would satisfy all of the criteria Seinfeld disclosed and could perhaps lend a bit more closure to a series finale that some feel was anti-climactic. This is all purely speculation at this point, but fans would probably jump at the chance to see Seinfeld and company back in character, even if it's likely to be a one-time opportunity.

Are you excited about the prospect of a Seinfeld reunion, and what do you think Seinfeld and David have in store for fans? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and see the full interview with Seinfeld below.


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Source: WFAN

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