Seinfeld: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

Seinfeld is a sitcom full of unlikable people, but fans have to love Jerry and the gang. But the same doesn't apply to the supporting characters.

When you’ve got a show like Seinfeld, where the whole point of the series is to show people with despicable personalities and traits, then you don’t have to look very far for characters who turned out to be the most hated. A fair amount were unlikable, but most of them have garnered fans for various reasons. 

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Within this crop, we’ve got 10 such characters who are still hated due to them either not resonating with the audience as much or simply because the show intended for them to be hated by viewers. In this list, we’ve considered every character with a notable presence as “supporting” which means it doesn’t matter how many episodes they appeared in as long as they had a distinct role.

10 Bubble Boy

This boy was a real piece of work, as his condescending and rude attitude didn’t sit well with the equally mean-spirited George. Since the Bubble Boy wasn’t a main character like George, though, his demeanor led to the fans hating him for having no likable traits.

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Bubble Boy was so full of himself that he would take to mocking those who didn’t know trivia like he did, and would become murderously enraged when he wasn’t given credit for giving the right answer (George used the misprinted answer as the correct one to spite him), eventually resulting in the Bubble Boy attempting to strangle a still-defiant George.

9 The Street Toughs

Whenever we saw these two guys it was a time where Kramer was in a compromising position, although that wasn’t the reason why they antagonized him. The truth was that these guys were really just loud, obnoxious bullies and would always get their way.

They outright stole Elaine’s armoire and screamed in Kramer’s face when he told them who it belonged to; they would bully anyone who so much as spoke in their way. In each of their appearances, the street toughs would jump to assumptions and look to assault Kramer.

8 Mr. Pitt

Like every other character on the show, Elaine wasn't a good person, but she became surprisingly attached to Mr. Pitt, who unfortunately got the wrong assumption about her and was convinced she was trying to kill him. 

For this reason alone, Seinfeld fans aren’t fond of his character as he broke Elaine’s heart by firstly saying she was like his daughter, only to become very hurtful towards her. Sure, it was all played for laughs, but this surprisingly made us dislike Mr. Pitt greatly.

7 Toby

Out of the many girlfriends Kramer had on the show, Toby was easily the most annoying as her one characterization was how unnecessarily loud she was. If that wasn’t enough, Toby would then go to Jerry’s show and heckle him while he was performing.

Later on, she displayed no regret for acting that way, but was quick to feel angry when Jerry did the same to her at her workplace. Most of all, though, it’s the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get Toby’s irritating manner of talking out of your head once you’ve listened to her, making her truly one of the worst.

6 Rachel Goldstein

Being bland is a serious no-no in the Seinfeld universe as the show thrived on having supporting characters who made the experience so memorable. Rachel has the dubious distinction of being the lamest girlfriend Jerry had. If you’re not fun on Seinfeld, then the fans will definitely hate you.

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She added to her unlikability factor by making fun of George’s “shrinkage” problem, and then had the gall to be scandalized when George got back at her for humiliating him. Other than that, Rachel was just too boring to deserve the status of Jerry’s longest-lasting girlfriend on the show.

5 The Doorman

Although he makes for hilarious scenes to watch, the Doorman has to be the most frustrating person you can come across, as he constantly laid into Jerry for looking down on him when Jerry didn’t actually do anything. 

The Doorman also had no sense of honor, as he put Jerry in his place of work then accused Jerry of being negligent after having disappeared for a long time. Basically, the guy was a hypocrite and an opportunist, and we didn’t see enough of him to get over our dislike of the Doorman.

4 Susan Ross

Heidi Swedberg as Susan Ross on Seinfeld

As it turned out, even the actors weren’t too fond of the character, as Susan was killed off due to not having any real chemistry with George and the cast. The main reason why the fans hated her, however, had to do with her presence tying George down.

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We liked having the perpetually single, loser kind of George Costanza, who wasn’t nearly as funny when Susan was around. Susan herself was a strange person as she constantly flipped between hating and loving George. Perhaps the lack of fan response was why Seinfeld had her death be played off as a gag.

3 The Fruit Shop Owner

You’d have to be a real arrogant piece of work to have the reaction of kicking everyone out of your business for disagreeing with you, and the fruit store owner was one such jerk. Despite having sold Jerry fruit that was clearly sub-par, the man put the blame on God for making the fruit that way and refused to take responsibility. 

He would then ban Jerry from his store like he did Kramer simply because the former was purchasing fruit that resembled the kind Kramer bought. Our only hope is that somewhere down the line his store went out of business due to this man's nature of banning people for no real reason.

2 Kenny Bania

We hate Bania for him being responsible for starting the debate over what exactly constitutes as a meal. Some people got into Bania’s lies and assume soup doesn’t classify as a meal, which has given rise to decades worth of nonsensical debate.

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Other than that, Bania was simply annoying in personality, as his liking toward Jerry — who clearly hated the sight of Bania — meant he would prattle on about how something was “the best!” when it really wasn’t. Plus, you’d have to be a real hack of a comedian to want to make a bit about Ovaltine and consider it “gold.”

1 Newman

Since Jerry considered Newman to be the Lex Luthor to his Superman, the fans were pretty much hardwired to hate him. It also helped fuel our dislike of him that everybody else on the show seemed to hate him as well. We agree with Jerry’s manner of addressing him by coldly uttering “Hello...Newman.”

Besides, Newman didn’t have any good qualities either, as he was perfectly fine making the moves on the daughter of a man who’d given him a place to stay, laughed at the main characters going to jail, and used the postal service office as an interrogation room. He might be one of the more memorable characters on Seinfeld, but that doesn’t mean we have to like him.

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