Seinfeld Star Advises Game of Thrones on Dealing With Finale Criticism

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander advises Game of Thrones on dealing with finale criticism. After eight seasons, the critically acclaimed spectacle that was Game of Thrones has now officially come to an end. But it wasn’t long after the award winning series took its final bow that it became clear just how many fans were displeased with the finale.

Having built itself up into nothing short of a pop-culture phenomenon over the course of the last eight years, Game of Thrones had arguably laid claim to one of the most devoted fanbases of any television series, ever. Perhaps because of this, there's been no shortage of opinion as to what should or shouldn’t have occurred in Game of Thrones' final episode. With its reduced episode count and what many felt to be uncharacteristic actions and motivations behind key characters, the polarizing elements maintained a firm grip on the series, ultimately resulting in a finale that simply couldn’t measure up to what so many had hoped for or expected.

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Of course, disappointment in the finale of a highly popular series is nothing new, and sometimes it takes someone who's familiar with the experience to point as much out. Game of Thrones fan and former Seinfeld star, Jason Alexander, recently took to his Twitter account to let the Game of Thrones cast and crew know that although some may not be happy with how the series finished, he personally felt it was “magnificent”, and urged those responsible to “live in joy” over being part of something that so many people have been moved by. Check out the full tweet below:

Without a doubt, Alexander knows all too well how it feels to be in a series that audiences can’t get enough of, only to face considerable criticism for its finale. Seinfeld ruled the 1990s and even today, the series is still widely regarded as one of the greatest American sitcoms of all time. With its quirky characters and unconventional approach to story-telling, the decision to end the series in 1998 after 9 seasons came as a shock to fans, as the series was enjoying unprecedented success at the time. Nonetheless, Seinfeld came to a close in a courtroom, with Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George on trial for breaking a Good Samaritan law in a small Massachusetts town. When all was said and done, the four friends were found guilty of their crime and sentenced to a year each in prison. Commenting further on the finale of Seinfeld and his feelings toward it, Alexander also Tweeted:

All criticism aside regarding the Game of Thrones finale, Alexander’s statements reveal a truth about all massively successful productions, whether they reside on television or the big screen: no one wants to let go of good entertainment. This is why Hollywood continues to create sequels for so many of its releases. And while the criticism about the final season and episode of Game of Thrones might be legitimate, it’s hard not to see it as a reaction to losing something special. There's no easy way to end a series that so many people have invested so much time and emotion in and all too often, those initial reactions are knee-jerk ones, with clarity only coming in time.

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