18The Real-Life George Costanza Sued Everybody

George Costanza

Larry David has long been credited as the inspiration for the character of George Costanza. However, what some Seinfeld fans may not actually realize is that the character is named after another real person: Jerry Seinfeld’s friend Mike Costanza.

He was not all that happy about it, though. He not only wrote

a book called The Real Seinfeld: As Told by the Real Costanza, but also launched a $100 million lawsuit against Seinfeld and the show’s producers for violating his privacy, ruining his reputation and causing emotional distress.

"George is bald. I am bald," Costanza told ABC News. "George is stocky. I am stocky. George and I both went to Queens College with Jerry. George's high-school teacher nicknamed him 'Can't stand ya.' So did mine. George had a thing about bathrooms and parking spaces. So do I."

The case was eventually dismissed, with the judge explaining that the statute of limitations had run out on a lawsuit, arguing it should have been served when the first episode aired in 1989.

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