Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Moving To Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Barack Obama

Jerry Seinfeld created and starred in one of the most popular television shows in history. In the nearly 20 years since Seinfeld went off the air, its creator has likely earned so much from royalties and syndication that Seinfeld almost would never have to work again if he so chose. Seinfeld never starred in another sitcom, but his post-Seinfeld career has included stand-up performances, the documentary Comedian, the animated comedy Bee Movie, a faux Seinfeld reunion that took up much of a season on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a few shows that he’s produced, including The Marriage Ref.

But the comedian’s primary contribution to the zeitgeist in recent years has been Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, his web series featuring conversations between Seinfeld and his various friends, as well as glimpses of his car collection. Over the years, the series has featured memorable conversations with everyone from Michael Richards to Sarah Silverman to President Barack Obama. Now, Comedians in Cars is getting a new online home.

Seinfeld has reached a major deal with Netflix that will allow the comedian to produce a variety of new content for the streaming service - and will also relocate Comedians in Cars to Netflix, Deadline reported. The deal will make Netflix the new home of both the existing nine seasons as well as subsequent ones, with season 10 set to premiere later this year.

The cast of Seinfeld Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld

The Seinfeld/Netflix deal also makes Netflix the home for a series of new  stand-up comedy specials, beginning this year, as well as original scripted and non-scripted programming. The upcoming tenth season of Comedians in Cars will consist of 24 episodes and debut on Netflix in late 2017.

The deal continues to establish Netflix as the go-to streaming channel for A-list stand-up comedy, as the service previously signed Louis CK (who used to do all of his specials on HBO) and Dave Chappelle for new specials. It also represents a major blow to Crackle, the Sony-owned ad-supported streaming channel with little marquee programming aside from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Ironically, the exclusive rights to Seinfeld belong not to Netflix but rather Hulu, as has been the case since 2015. The new deal between Seinfeld and Netflix shows that the consolidation has begun in the streaming space, with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu maturing, while some of their smaller competitors may soon see trouble as a result.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee season 9 continues on Crackle, with upcoming guests including Bob Einstein, Lewis Black and Christoph Waltz. Season 10 debuts on Netflix later in 2017.

Source: Deadline

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