The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes Of Seinfeld (According To IMDB)

Seinfeld is undeniably one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Many of its episodes are all-time TV classics, and even its weakest episodes are still masterpieces when compared to most traditional sitcoms.

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That said, they can't all be winners. Most fans agree that seasons three through seven are peak Seinfeld, and that both 1 & 2 and 8 & 9 consist of far weaker material. It didn't exactly begin OR end in a stellar manner, but regardless, it's a classic all the same.

These are five best and the five worst episodes of Seinfeld, according to IMDb voters.

10 Best - The Marine Biologist (9.3)

The Marine Biologist is a wonderful, and wonderfully written, episode of TV. The very concept of it is enough to make you laugh - one of George's friends believes that he is a marine biologist, and he is forced to keep up with the charade. Meanwhile, Kramer takes up golfing on the beach, and this little C-story ends up tying into George's A-story in one of the most gorgeous and hilarious reveals in television history. This was easily one of Jason Alexander's, and Seinfeld's, greatest accomplishments.

9 Worst - The Stranded (7.6)

It's generally agreed upon that season three is when Seinfeld truly started to become great. But that doesn't mean it isn't without its stinkers. Episode ten, The Stranded, is one of the lowest-rated episodes of the series. In this one, Jerry, George, and Elaine attend a party, and both Jerry and Elaine quickly grow weary of the party and wish to leave.

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George eventually goes home with a woman, leaving Elaine and Jerry "stranded" at the party. Perhaps Seinfeld stretched the whole "show about nothing" shtick a little too far, because this one is a bore.

8 Best - The Outing (9.4)

"Not that there's anything wrong with that." That single line has become one of Seinfeld's most popular, and it came from season four's The Outing. This is a masterful take on the whole "mistaken identity" plot. Deciding to troll an eavesdropper, Elaine decides to pretend that Jerry and George are a gay couple. What she doesn't know is that the woman is a reporter, and she continues to believe that Seinfeld is gay through the various actions of George and Kramer. It's great stuff, and it contains some of the show's sharpest writing.

7 Worst - The Finale (7.6)

The Finale is one of the most divisive finales in television history. Many people love it for bringing back past characters and nicely summing up the sliminess of the main characters. However, others hate it for the exact same reason. The detractors state that the writing made the gang seem worse than they typically are in order to place them prison and lamented the returning characters and over-reliance on inside jokes. It certainly wasn't perfect, and it was not the way that fans wanted the show to go out.

6 Best - The Soup Nazi (9.6)

We don't know about you, but anytime we eat soup, we instantly think of the famous Soup Nazi. This episode is widely acclaimed for numerous reasons. The most obvious is the brilliant performance of Larry Thomas as the stoic and cold-blooded Soup Nazi, a man who will refuse service if you do anything to annoy him.

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It's also incredibly charming due to its small scale focus. What other show would have the audacity to make an entire episode about ordering soup? But such is Seinfeld's brilliance.

5 Worst - Male Unbonding (7.5)

Seinfeld certainly got off to a rocky start. Male Unbonding was just the third episode of the series, and it concerned Jerry desperately avoiding an old friend who wants to hang out. It's a fine concept and seems relatable. After all, who amongst us hasn't avoided a friend or two? It's rather heartless, yes, but such is life. However, it obviously failed to resonate with fans, most of whom criticize Jerry's behavior and the weak characterizations. The characters weren't fully themselves yet, and it shows.

4 Best - The Opposite (9.6)

By season five, Seinfeld was on fire. The storylines were relatable, the characters were fully realized, and George had become one of the best characters in TV history. He's the main subject of The Opposite, as it concerns him doing the opposite of what he would usually do. It's a wonderful twist on George's character, and it gets to the root cause of his problems - he's just a terrible person who often makes terrible decisions. It also produces some of the show's funniest scenes, including George's famous rant in the movie theater.

3 Worst - The Dog (7.3)

The Dog is quite an infamous episode in the Seinfeld repertoire. In this one, Jerry is forced to care for a sick man's dog and quickly grows irritated with its behavior. Like Jerry, many viewers feel irritated by the dog's constant (and rather unrealistic) barking, and while that may be the point, it doesn't exactly make for great TV. Many people also felt like the storyline was rather contrived and bizarre for Seinfeld. There's no denying that it stands out as one of the show's weirder, and most annoying, episodes.

2 Best - The Contest (9.6)

When one thinks of Seinfeld, one undoubtedly thinks of The Contest. It's not only Seinfeld's greatest episode, but arguably one of the greatest sitcom episodes ever. This one sees the gang partaking in a "contest" of refraining from... pleasing themselves. It was notable for its controversial storyline, as this type of content was rather taboo back in 1992. It also contains one of the funniest and most famous scenes in Seinfeld history - "I'm out!" It doesn't get much better than this.

1 Worst - Highlights Of A Hundred (7.2)

We're glad the whole clip show fiasco seems to be over. To celebrate the series' 100th episode, Seinfeld hosted a retrospective look back at the show's greatest sequences. Clip shows, by their very nature, are lazy. However, there was no YouTube or DVDs back in 1995, and watching clip shows was the only way to re-watch your favorite moments. However, in the age of YouTube and instant access to all your favorite scenes, clip shows have been made redundant. To absolutely no one's surprise, Seinfeld's clip show is the lowest rated episode of the entire series.

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