10 Secret Shared Movie Universes You Didn't Know About

Here are 10 movie world connections that you had no idea about!

10 Secret Shared Movie Universes You Didn't Know About


Star Wars and Indiana Jones

Star Wars could share a universe with its Lucasfilm brethren, Indiana Jones. The series includes some minor references to the saga, such as Club Obi-Wan in The Temple of Doom and hieroglyphics of R2-D2 and C-3PO in Raiders of the Lost Ark. One fan proposes that the aliens from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull visited Earth long ago and shared the story of Star Wars by engraving imagery on the walls of structures. Another theory says that Indiana Jones is just an elaborate dream of Han Solo’s while he’s frozen in carbonite. Take whichever you want, but there’s no denying either would be interesting if true.


Out of Sight and Jackie Brown

By now, viewers are familiar with the Quentin Tarantino universe, but did you know it includes films Tarantino wasn’t involved with at all? Steven Soderbergh’s sleek crime caper Out of Sight takes place in the same universe as Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. Both movies are based on novels by Elmore Leonard and share one specific character that serves as the glue between them. Michael Keaton portrays Ray Nicolette in the two projects, confirming a connection. What makes this even more impressive is that Out of Sight and Jackie Brown were released by separate studios, so they must have had good humor about it.


Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes

Spock and Sherlock Holmes are two of the most logically thinking characters in all of pop culture, so it would only make sense if the two were related. One theory suggests that Spock is a descendant of the renowned detective. In Star Trek 6, Spock mentions that an ancestor of his said that when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. That quote is typically attributed to Mr. Holmes, implying a familial connection between the Vulcan and the Englishman. Spock is half-human, after all, so this one adds up.


The Rock and James Bond

Michael Bay loves action, and he may have found a way to include one of the most famous action heroes in his film The Rock. Many believe that Sean Connery’s character John Mason is an aged 007. Mason is described as a highly-trained British operative who has no identity and for all purposes, does not exist, which certainly sounds like an MI6 agent. Connery even does a parody of his Diamonds are Forever one-liner when he first meets Nic Cage’s Stanley Goodspeed, so the two characters have the same sense of humor. It seems too good to be true, but those who enjoyed Connery’s run as Bond got one more film.


Inception and The Matrix

These two sci-fi titles are known for throwing audiences for a loop. Here’s one more. A theory states Inception is actually a prequel to The Matrix. The biggest piece of evidence comes in the form of Robert Fischer, who after being incepted, decides to break up his father’s empire and forge his own path. Evidently, that meant solar energy, which would be the source the machines used later on. The theory also suggests that the dream machine in Inception is a beta version of the Matrix plug in and that the bullet time is a variation of Inception’s concept of time, where activities in the dream world take longer than in reality. It’s very interesting and would make for an entertaining crossover.


Star Wars and E.T.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are longtime friends, and that relationship led to a couple of great Easter eggs in their films. In Spielberg’s E.T., the titular alien encounters a kid dressed as Yoda for Halloween, identifying the child as a sign from “home.” Many years later, Lucas returned the favor. In one of The Phantom Menace’s Senate chamber scenes, there are three creatures that strongly resemble E.T. in one of the pods. Elliot’s companion apparently calls the galaxy far, far away home. Perhaps he’s strong with the Force, and that’s why he can lift bikes with his mind.


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