Matthew Vaughn’s super spy movie The Secret Service – his second adaptation of a Mark Millar comic, following the success of Kick-Ass – was recently taken off the shelf where it was threatening to languish, and was scheduled by Fox for a November 2014 release date, thanks to Vaughn passing on X-Men: Days of Future Past in order to direct The Secret Service instead.

With filming set to begin in August 2013, it’s been revealed that the well-polished shoes of one half of the super spy duo – veteran Uncle Jack, who rescues his nephew Gary from an aimless future and trains him in the ways of James Bond – have already been filled.

The news that Colin Firth had been cast in the role of the super spy mentor went big when it was announced over at Latino-Review, but the information that he would be starring in The Secret Service had already been made public several days prior, in an interview with Firth that was published on Roger Moore’s site Movie Nation.

Colin Firth tackled a spy plot fairly recently, playing a high-ranking MI6 official in Thomas Alfredson’s adaptation of John le Carré’s novel Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. Vaughn’s film, however, will represent quite a different flavor of spy material, and after mentioning it as his next project, Firth added that it will be “unlike anything I’ve done.

A panel from Mark Millar comic The Secret Service. The Secret Service to Star Colin Firth as Super Spy Mentor

If the role of Uncle Jack’s protegé, Gary, has also been cast, then news of the choice hasn’t emerged yet. There are plenty of young British actors who would fit the bill; Ben Drew AKA Plan B springs to mind immediately, though that might simply be because he played a similar role in last year’s The Sweeney. Skins alumni Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell would also fit the bill; Hoult starred alongside Firth in Tom Ford’s drama A Single Man in 2009. Aaron Taylor-Johnson (who plays the title role in the Kick-Ass movies) is another possibility, but it’s doubtful that Vaughn would go for the same leading man now that he has an entirely new story in a different subgenre to work with.

An ideal pick for the role would be Joseph Gilgun (This is England, Misfits), a notably charismatic and lively performer who would make for an interesting combination, given Firth’s more tempered performance style. With a story like this, having real chemistry between the two leads is going to be just as important as the strength of the individual actors chosen.

Speculation and fantasy casting is free until solid information becomes available regarding potential co-stars for Firth, so share your dream casting ideas for the role of Gary in the comments.


The Secret Service is out in theaters on November 14, 2014.

Source: Latino Review and Roger’s Movie Nation (via ComicBookMovie)

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