18 Secret Video Game Areas You Had No Idea About

14Special Zone (Super Mario World)

Super Mario World Special Zone

A lot of you are probably scratching your heads right now and thinking, "Is there really an area in Super Mario World that I don't know about?" As it turns out, even for those that have beaten the classic Super Nintendo title multiple times, there's a good chance they still haven't come close to discovering every area in the game.

It's well-known that you have to use a "secret exit" in the Forest of Illusion, or else you'll be running around it in circles forever. This isn't the only alternate route in the game however, with levels all over the map containing secondary routes which lead to Star Road. For those of you wondering what "Star Road" is, we've only just begun!

Star Road is a hidden area which contains bonus levels and gives Mario shortcuts around the overworld. However, if players snoop around enough, they can find another secret exit in one of the Star Road levels which leads them to an even MORE secret area called the Special Zone (we know, it's starting to feel like Inception). Once here, players are rewarded with the hardest levels in the game, all titled with outdated slang like "Mondo" and "Tubular".

13Golden Island (007 GoldenEye N64)

Goldeneye 007 Golden Dam Island

Although it may seem dated now, both in terms of its primitive graphics and less than perfect gameplay, there was a time when GoldenEye for the N64 was the game everyone had to get, and it's still often cited by many as one of the greatest games of all time. Not only is it one of the rare examples of a movie-based game garnering critical and commercial success, it was also one of the very first FPS games to introduce a competitive multiplayer mode.

Considering GoldenEye was developed by the legendary company Rare (sadly, a shell of its former self nowadays), it really shouldn't have come as a surprise that the game would be a hit. Though the game is 20 years old now, and it would seem that there would be nothing left to discover, never underestimate gamers.

Using a hacked Gameshark code, players were able to finally visit a mysterious little island in the distance on the Dam level, revealing a whole unused section of the game which Bond would have visited via a boat. This ended up being too challenging to program, and was scrapped, with the physical island left behind to intrigue players to its purpose.

12The Secret Garden (Shadow of the Colossus)

Shadow of the Colossus Secret Garden 2

Shadow of the Colossus was one of those games that introduced a really fun and groundbreaking concept, while also managing to deliver a high-quality gameplay experience. Before this came out, just how many games have consisted of a horse-riding wanderer traversing a large open-world, with the goal of finding and killing sixteen gigantic creatures? We're pretty sure the answer is none.

As expected, with a world map as large as this, there's lots of potential for unseen areas of the game that players can easily miss while making their way to the next target. After defeating each colossus, the player must return to the large Shrine introduced at the start of the game. What many people don't know, however, is that if your stamina is upgraded enough by the end of the game, you can climb up the shine and take a very specific and arduous path, one which leads to a place known as the Secret Garden.

There isn't really too much to do here, besides eating the fruit which will drain your stamina and strength, but it's amusing to think there was a hidden area right under (or above?) our noses the entire time.

11King Arthur's Knights Fighting a Rat (Fallout 2)

Fallout 2 King Arthur's Knights Fighting a Rat

When people hear the word "Fallout" today, they usually think of a role-playing FPS game that plays very similarly to the Elder Scrolls series. But there was a time (before Bethesda), when the games in the Fallout series played very differently. One of the coolest mechanics seen in Fallout 2, for instance, was the chance of running into a Special Encounter during travel.

While traveling often resulted in running into normal enemy encounters, once in a while, the player would instead experience a rare event. Two of these Special Encounters happen to be references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with "A man guarding a bridge" referencing the part in the film where King Arthur and his men must answer three riddles, and another where you get to meet the King and knights in person.

In the game's data, however, lies a third Monty Python reference that remained undiscovered for a time due to a glitch which made the encounter impossible to occur. But if patched back into the game, players will stumble upon King Arthur and his Knights struggling to fight off a single rat near a cave, mirroring their battle with a vicious rabbit in the movie.

10Ghostly Room (Call of Duty: Finest Hour)

Call of Duty Finest Hour Ghostly Room

The Call of Duty series is known for having its fair share of elaborate secrets hidden in specific levels (usually in the modes containing zombies), but perhaps the most secretive and disturbing of all would probably have to be the Ghostly Room in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. It also goes to show that the series has been doing pretty absurd stuff for a while now.

To discover this secret area, the player must first come across a seemingly unopenable door in the Underground Passage level. They must then throw two grenades at the door, walk up to it and use the action button (even though no action command appears), and then throw one more grenade at it to blow it open. Inside is a long narrow tunnel which leads to the Ghostly Room.

The room is mostly just an aesthetic easter egg, with: a bunch of creepy pictures on the walls, floating candles, a tiny Sherman tank, a ghost-boy in a crib, and an over-sized rat in a cage. Beyond this, are two teddy bears which can be used as explosive weapons, though more for comedic purposes than practical.

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