Sebastian Stan Says The Avengers: Infinity War Set Was "Relaxed"

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will come face to face with Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, and while the film will be packed with action and drama, life on set was more relaxed and smooth – at least for the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan. Avengers: Infinity War and the still-untitled sequel, Avengers 4, will bring together the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight Thanos, while also changing the face of the MCU as we know it.

Filming on the third Avengers movie reportedly ended back in July, with the sequel going into production the following month. The first teaser for Infinity War was shown a few months ago at D23 Expo and later at Marvel Studios’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con, giving audiences a hint at some action sequences and emotional moments with some of the heroes. But as dramatic as the teaser looked, the vibe on set during production was quite different, at least to one of its cast-members.

In an interview with Collider, Sebastian Stan opened up about his experience on the Avengers: Infinity War set with directors Joe and Anthony Russo. When asked about what was it like filming Infinity War compared to the previous Marvel films he’s been in, Stan revealed it was very laid back:

“It’s actually kind of loose and relaxed, at least when I was around. I had fun. You’re always like ‘oh, so and so walked by me’ – it’s always a little bit like a double take. But generally I just think everyone’s just having a good time. And the Russos are leading that ship – they’re very cool, they know what they want, everything’s prepared, nothing’s ever really anxious. It’s all very smooth”.

Stan’s first appearance in the MCU was alongside Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston. He has previously worked with the Russo brothers in subsequent Captain America films, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, so it’s fair to say that he is very well acquainted with the Russo’s pace on set. The last time audiences saw Stan’s character Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier, he was put into cryogenic sleep in Wakanda until a cure for his brainwashing is found. Given the high-level threat that is Thanos, Bucky will have to be brought back to join the fight.

Avengers: Infinity War has the biggest superhero roster the MCU has seen so far, bringing together the Avengers, New Avengers, Guardians of the galaxy, and newcomers Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Spider-Man. In a big production like this it would be quite easy for actors to be fed-up or anxious, but it’s heartwarming to know that the Russos and the Marvel crew have created a relaxed environment among the craziness that comes with a big-budget production.'

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Source: Collider

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