Avengers' Sebastian Stan is Down to Play DC's Riddler

Sebastian Stan is interested in playing Batman villain The Riddler. Stan has been a part of the MCU since almost the beginning, first appearing as Steve Roger's friend Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger and returning in both Captain America sequels. In fact, he's been the catalyst for many of Cap's biggest adventures, especially as the Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, Stan has gotten to play one of the most interesting and complex arcs in Marvel's movies, which he's said that he enjoys greatly.

But Stan is interested in DC comics as well. A few actors have appeared in both Marvel and DC movies, and Stan may like to join their ranks. Right now there are a number of roles up for grabs on DC's side of Hollywood, with Nightwing, hopefully, being cast soon, and Joaquin Phoenix inching closer to playing The Joker. Numerous actors have teased or reached out about playing various DC roles, including possibly Colton Haynes - already a part of DC as Roy Harper on Arrow - as Nightwing, Josh Gad as The Penguin, Lindsay Lohan wanting to be Batgirl, and even Tommy Wiseau challenging Phoenix over The Joker.


During a Q&A session at Wizard World St. Louis, Stan was asked about who he might want to play in a DC movie, and his answer was the iconic Batman villain The Riddler, who he calls his favorite DC character. Explaining further, Stan said: "And honestly, I would not know what to do with the character at all. But it's such a crazy, crazy character. Maybe I wouldn't."

Some fans also suggested The Joker, but Stan was less interested in that choice, pointing out how many great actors have already, wonderfully, played that role, including his celebrity doppelganger Mark Hamill, who was brought up several times in the interview. While The Riddler pops up fairly regularly in animation, he's had very few live-action iterations. Frank Gorshin - and one time John Astin - played the villian on the classic Batman TV series, and Jim Carrey brought his trademark high energy to him in Batman Forever. Cory Michael Smith, on the other hand, has been exploring the character's history on FOX's Gotham.

With the Arrowverse, DCEU, and various other stand alone projects - such as Todd Phillips' origin story for The Joker - continuing to expand and add to their ranks, there are plenty of opportunities for Stan to get to play the clever supervillain. And with Lex Luthor gathering DCEU's Legion of Doom, there's certainly an opening on the silver screen-side of DC Comics.

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Source: Jade B (via ComicBook)

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