'Season of the Witch' Trailer #2 Promises (Silly) Supernatural Action

Nicolas Cage Season of the Witch movie trailer

Nicolas Cage so rarely makes throwaway action films that it's a wonder the Oscar-winner's latest flick, the supernatural adventure Season of the Witch, has had its release delayed for this long.

Yes, we kid, but there's a new trailer for Mr. Cage's medieval horror actioner - which finally hits theaters early next year - and it features lots of cheap CGI, uninspired action, and a lame, Jaws-inspired one-liner that, sadly, isn't as funny as one might hope.

Season of the Witch revolves around Behman (Cage) and his friend Felson (Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman), a pair of warriors that return from the Crusades only to find their home ravaged by the Plague. Local church leaders point the finger of blame at a mysterious girl and order the warriors to transport her to a secluded monastery, where she will have her witch powers forcibly removed. Behman agrees to the task, though he remains suspicious that all is not as it seems - which, of course, turns out to be the case as the girl nurses a dark secret that will affect the very fate of his world.

Cage reunited with his Gone in Sixty Seconds director Dominic Sean for Season of the Witch and, if the trailer is any indication, the results are pretty bland. The film looks inane, no doubt, but a mindless ancient world adventure pic with Cage running around in yet another silly wig might not be a bad way to pass the doldrums of January. Might Season of the Witch still be worth a look?

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourselves:


Drive Angry 3D arrives in theaters less than two months after Season of the Witch, so moviegoers might be more than a little weary of seeing Cage up on the big screen after the first quarter of 2011. The actor has a couple more titles on the way, including his return as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, so he won't be out of work anytime soon.

While Cage was good fun as Big Daddy in Kick-Ass, the actor has otherwise starred in mostly forgettable pics for several years. We're certainly not expecting Season of the Witch to be a return to form for the man, but it would be nice to see him at least be a bit more selective about his roles in the future.

Season of the Witch Nicolas Cage Ron Perlman

Season of the Witch hits theaters in the U.S. on January 7th, 2011.

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