New Season Of Heroes To Bring 'Redemption?'

Adding to the previously reported casting additions for Heroes Volume 5: Redemption, writer/producer Bryan Fuller recently talked about how the show has turned around with its newest season, which may point to the idea that Redemption is more than just this volume's title.

In talking with SciFiWire, Fuller surprisingly admitted (in so many words) that the show isn't what is used to be, saying that, "We love the cast. That's the thing. ... We just sort of have to find better uses for them." I couldn't have said it better myself. According to Fuller, one of the main areas that Redemption will concentrate on is getting the show back to what it used to be about:

"...What I'm excited about with season four is getting everybody back to the basic principle of ordinary people in an extraordinary world and how these characters are relatable to us and what we would do if we were in their situations, and really grounding it in that conceit."

Fuller thinks that every season of Heroes so far, "has been valid, and every one has been a slightly different style, which I think is interesting." And in contrast to the show getting back to its roots, Fuller loves, "how the show is continuing to grow. It is evolving, and I do think there is a lot of good stuff in 'Fugitives' and 'Redemption'"

On a character level, Fuller went on to explain how Redemption is going to be dealing with the personal, emotional lives of the characters as well as the events that are happening to them:

"...For every plot conceit that we have for a character, we have even more conceits for what's going on in their personal lives that makes their plot story so much more complicated, because their emotional, personal story is so intrinsically tied with what's happening with them. I like the balance of the personal lives that we're telling this season."

For the rest of the interview with Fuller (where he also talks about wanting to do a new Star Trek TV series), you can head over to SciFiWire.

I am liking all of this talk from Fuller that the show will get back more to what it was in season 1, but is it just talk to get fans excited for Redemption? I certainly hope not. I loved the first season of Heroes and was, like so many fans of the show out there, extremely let down with what came afterward with seasons 2 and 3. That's not to say the show has been complete crap, but when you start off with such a bang as season 1, you have to keep the quality at the same level or fan disappointment and annoyance is inevitable.

I would like to see Heroes get back to the style of season 1 which was everyday, ordinary people dealing with the fact that they have these amazing abilities. Seeing a new ability get introduced every few episodes was a thing of wonder, but that has since been lost amongst the mess of too many characters (sometimes unnecessary ones - I'm looking at you, Mexican Death Twins) all fighting for screentime, poorly written storylines and a general lack of focus. I am willing to give the show the benefit of the doubt, but if Redemption doesn't bring exactly that, redemption, then I may have to give up on it.

Do you think what Fuller has said about Volume 5 of Heroes will end up being the case? Are you still a fan of the show, and if so what are you hoping for from Volume 5?

Heroes Volume 5: Redemption is scheduled to premiere on NBC in the Fall.

Sources: SciFiWire (via i09)

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