Criminal Minds Season 3 Recap

Criminal Minds packed quite a few developments into the season 3 finale, and with season 4 just about to begin here's a bit of a recap and analysis of the show.

The BAU (Bahavioral Analysis Unit) headed to New York to deal with what appeared to be random killings. Random was not what they were.

The murders were actually coordinated strikes gauging the law enforcement response tactics. Perfectly calculated tests while the un-subs watched.

In the meantime, Derek has a possible promotion available to him and Jennifer Jareau is pregnant. (The actress, A.J. Cook was really pregnant. She learned about it while on the set of her movie, Misconception, a movie about a surrogate mother. Trippy.)

The show comes at us with one heck of a mind bender. We're watching different team members at the end of the day, as their evening comes to a close, they're all getting into their black SUV's and one of them explodes. (One of the SUV's, not the characters!)

To me, it looks like one of the team has just been hit, and my feeling is that the terrorists were not just testing the police agencies response time, but possibly, the whole thing was a lure for one of the BAU agents. But that's just my take.

According to TV Guide, the season premiere is pretty good and someone bids farewell to the team. That's all I'm gonna give you because I think it will be better to be surprised with cool new things. The only other thing I would pass on is if you've seen any of the previews, don't be misled!

Bruce's Observations:

Last season, they started presenting the Criminal Minds episodes from a new perspective. Previously, we'd watch the BAU pursue the un-sub (Unknown Subject) and then they would zero in on their quarry. Last season, they started showing both sides of the equation. The un-sub as he went about his business, and the team pursuing his clues. It took some of the fun out of wondering who or what, but they made up for it with decent character interaction and development, and there were many last season.

Too many to even try to touch on. Criminal Minds stars Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, and Matthew Gray Gubler. Season 4 starts September 24, on CBS.

Source:  TV Guide

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