Looking Forward To Season 2 Of Dollhouse?

Now that Joss Whedon has control of Dollhouse on Fox, we aren't going to get any more stand alone episodes.  Instead, the story will start making sense as Joss tells his tale the way he envisioned it.

Season 2 is going to pick up where season 1 left off, in the aftermath of how Alpha left everything. The Dollhouse will continue with business as normal, but the staff will be waiting for the other shoe to drop because they know that Alpha is out there.

It will also be nice to see what Joss does from here on out.  Even being on Fridays, my hope for its success is not diminished.  In the meantime, enjoy these season 2 promo pictures.

Dollhouse season 2 premieres on September 25th on Fox.

Source:  Sci Fi Wire, Photos: Whedonesque

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