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The Black Beauty from The Green Hornet is an iconic car
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25 Most Iconic Cars From TV & Movies

As 'The Green Hornet' swoops into theaters, it brings with it the return of the iconic car known as The Black Beauty - but what makes a car iconic - and why don't we see many new ones in TV and film?

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5 Movies I Could Watch Every Day

Do you have a go-to movie that you can always count on to entertain you? Here are five films I can watch every day - see if you agree with my picks and then give us your own go-to list.

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Jurassic Park Sequel... Comic Book

We've been hearing Jurassic Park 4 speculation for nearly a decade. Now, finally, we have confirmation of a new Jurassic Park entry - a five issue comic book miniseries entitled "Jurassic Park: Redemption".

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