Seann William Scott's Lethal Weapon TV Show Character Details Revealed

Seann William Scott and Damon Wayans in Lethal Weapon FOX

Now that the dust has more or less settled with regard to the behind-the-scenes tumult that took FOX’s Lethal Weapon to the brink of cancelation, new details emerge as to the character Seann William Scott will be playing in season 3. The second season of the TV series ended with the dismissal of Clayne Crawford and the character of Martin Riggs after reports of on set behavioral issues and difficulties with co-star Damon Wayans emerged. Rather than scrap the entire series, FOX found a replacement in Scott, and the character he’s playing will likely have Wayans’ Sgt. Murtaugh believing once again he’s too old for this s**t.  

As it turns out, Scott will be playing war veteran Wesley Cole, but he won’t be the only new character to join Lethal Weapon in its shortened third season. Joining the American Pie and Southland Tales actor is former Psych star Maggie Lawson, who will play surgeon Natalie Flynn, Cole’s ex-wife and mother of his child. 

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The details were first reported on by Deadline, putting a character name to Scott’s face while also suggesting that the series likely won’t steer too far from the archetype of Martin Riggs. Though there’s no word on whether or not Cole will be the same sort of loose-cannon-with-a-death-wish as the man he’s replacing, it’s a good bet this new character isn’t going to be a straight laced solider-turned-cop who’s just looking to make life easy on his new partner until the day he finally retires. And, given Scott’s history of bringing unruly irritants you can’t help but like to the screen, chances are he’ll be bringing some of that personality to this new role.

It stands to reason that the creators behind the show would like to keep the basic premise and dynamic of the show as close to the original concept as possible. The series already faces an enormous uphill climb as it tries to radically alter what has been a surprisingly successful formula. That is a huge gamble which will either make or break the series, so it's no wonder the season 3 episode count has reportedly been scaled back. 

With any luck, FOX will offer up a look at Cole and Murtaugh together so viewers can get a better idea of how well Scott and Wayans work and try to figure out if these changes will breath new life into the series or take the wind completely out of its sails. 

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Lethal Weapon season 3 premieres Tuesday, September 25 on FOX. 

Source: Deadline

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