Sean Penn Returning to Three Stooges?

Late in the summer we got word that actor Paul Giamatti would be joining The Farrelly Brothers' production of The Three Stooges. Giamatti was going to play zany Stooges middleman Larry, replacing actor Sean Penn, who left the production early on to help his family through an impending divorce from longtime wife, Robin Wright Penn.

Well, now we get word from Boston Herald that Penn has worked out his personal issues and is close to joining back up with the Stooges troupe.

My first question when I read that headline was "What the hell happened to Giamatti?" Well, according to the Herald, the Farrellys and Giamatti never got the particulars smoothed out, so the part of Larry is still open if Penn wants it.

Said Bobby Farrelly:

“We got him back...He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family.”

Actor Benicio Del Toro has been rumored to be up for the role of Stooges leader Moe for awhile now, while Jim Carrey was rumored to be interested in playing the "loony" Stooge, Curly (though Carrey also dropped out early on). If Del Toro and Penn both sign on the dotted line, could Carrey be lured back into the fold?  It would be a pretty hard lineup to say "no" to.

To Penn or not to Penn, that is the question... The man is a great actor - both comedic and dramatic - however he does always come towing some controversy along with; there are many moviegoers out there who respect his talents, but not his politics. Hell, I had to get permission from Screen Rant head chief Vic Holtreman just to write this :-) .

Benicio Del Toro The Three Stooges

Just imagine it: Carrey, Del Toro and Penn...

In the end, I would like to see Sean Penn in Three Stooges - but truthfully, I was just as happy with Giamatti taking his place. However, if Penn signs on and Del Toro signs on and that persuades Jim Carrey to sign on - that would be a pretty winning combination in my book - how about yours?

We'll let you know more Three Stooges updates when we get them.

Source: Boston Herald via Cinematical

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