Sean Penn says 'Rock the Vote'

At the rate he's going, Sean Penn might actually get into politics before Ben Affleck does. (shudder)

This time, his ire is directed at Matt Stone, half of the team that created South Park and the upcoming Team America: World Police. You might think he's upset because he (among many other well-known people) is portrayed in a less-than-flattering light in Team America. Actually, he's upset because Matt Stone made a comment in Rolling Stone magazine that if you don't understand what you're voting on, you shouldn't vote. Penn subsequently read Stone his version of the Riot Act, accusing him of encouraging the mutilation and killing of innocent people throughout the world.

Now let's dissect this whole situation, shall we? Matt Stone says if you don't understand the issues, you shouldn't vote. I agree. It's every American's right to vote, but it should be an informed vote. If you just make random marks on your ballot without understanding what you're voting on, what's the point? That could actually be more harmful than if you didn't even vote.

As for Penn, he says that by encouraging people not to vote, Matt Stone is encouraging the death of innocent people throughout the world. In other words, Penn wants people to vote for a president who will not cause the death of innocent people. In other words, he wants people to vote for John Kerry. Setting aside the fact that plenty of innocent people in other countries have died under Democratic and Republican administrations alike, why doesn't Penn just say that he wants people to vote for Kerry? The letter he wrote was so convoluted that I suspect quite a few people won't even get his point.

At the end, we will have this question, which we have sadly had in too many recent elections. Are you voting for a particular candidate, or are you merely voting against his opponent?

Source: E! Online


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