Guardians of the Galaxy: Sean Gunn Thinks We'll See More of Kraglin

Sean Gunn talks about the future of Kraglin in the MCU, saying that his story isn't finished just yet and potentially teasing his MCU return in either Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 or Avengers 4. Last time fans saw Kraglin on the big screen was at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Following the death of Yondu, he inherited his old master's cool weapon, the Yakka arrow (Star-Lord decided to give it to him instead of keeping it for himself), and was already hard at training on how to properly use it.

By the time fans reunited with the cosmic heroes during the events of Avengers: Infinity War picked up, it was approximately four years since their encounter with Ego, and Kraglin was no longer with them. It's unclear why and when he separated from the Guardians and his fate remains a mystery until now. But Sean assures fans that it won't be the last time they would see of him.

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In a phone interview with Tulsa World, Sean talked about the current whereabouts of Kraglin and what he might be doing during the events of Infinity War. While the actor won't let anything slip regarding any potential spoilers, he confidently said that he thinks the character will eventually make his return.

“I think I can say this: I don’t think Kraglin’s story is finished yet. I think the fans will, at least, get to know what happens with Kraglin, even though I can’t share that right now.”

One thing he didn't hesitate to say, however, is that Avengers 4 "is going to be really excellent." And while this may prompt fans to assume that Kraglin will appear in the Phase 3 capper, it's important to note that he also did the mo-cap performance for Rocket, who is confirmed for the much-anticipated film, so he might have been on the set for that instead.

"We shot them originally pretty much back-to-back with a short break ... and I like (‘Avengers 4’) even more than ‘Infinity War,’ at least from the script and from shooting it, and I was really happy with ‘Infinity War.’ So I’m very hopeful that it’s going to be a great movie.”

James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films and Sean's brother, has previously said that Kraglin wasn't in Infinity War because he has other "important stuff" to do, and considering that he's technically not part of the team (yet) it makes sense that he goes off on his own adventure separate from the Guardians. Perhaps he reached out to one of the Ravager groups who attended Yondu's funeral by the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Should this be the case, this may have something to do with the rumors that the high profile Ravagers were being set up to take part in the threequel.

While it has been recently reported that Disney has every intention of using James' script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't go through rewrites, especially since whoever will take over the filmmaker's directing gig will, of course, want to leave his own mark on the project. So it's safe to say that at this point, nothing, is really set in stone with regard to the fate of the cosmic heroes including Kraglin. Production for the film is currently on indefinite hold, and the situation might even affect the narrative of Avengers 4 with regard to the cosmic heroes.

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Source: Tulsa World

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