Sean Bean to Star in 50 Cent's Cop Drama Series The Oath

Sean Bean is heading back to the small screen to play an ambitious and hard-nosed cop in a new show set to air on Crackle. The Game of Thrones star is set to be the lead actor in a crime drama called The Oath.

Bean is widely recognised for his portrayal of doomed-but-critically-important characters in the fantasy epics of Game of Thrones (Ned Stark) and Lord of the Rings (Boromir). Beyond that though, he has enjoyed an extensive film career, appearing in everything from James Bond movies (Goldeneye) to science-fiction tentpoles (Jupiter Ascending) and much more. The fact that many of his roles usually end in shocking deaths remains a constant source of humor to the online community and the subject of endless memes. Bean has also done plenty of TV work, including the recent A&E horror series The Frankenstein Chronicles.

Now THR is reporting that Bean will play the lead in a forthcoming 10-episode series that 50 Cent is producing through his G-Unit Film & Television Inc. The show will air in 2018 via the Sony Pictures Television Network streaming service, Crackle. The Oath is described as a "gritty, action-packed drama" and will explore gang culture on both sides of the law. Bean will play a cop called Tom Hammond, who also doubles as the leader of a gang of individuals who use their positions in law-enforcement for their own gain. When he inadvertently does a deal with an undercover agent, Hammond is jailed - but when he's released, he tries to recover his power again.

While Bean has said that he's "really looking forward to exploring this fascinating story", Crackle's general manager (Eric Berger) discussed his casting and stated:

“He embodies the grit and intensity that drives this character throughout the series’ uncompromising and fast paced narrative. We are excited to have him anchor this incredible production"

The series is created by producer/writer Joe Halpin (Hawaii Five-O), who worked as a cop in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 17 years, much of that as undercover officer. He hopes that the show will give an uncompromising look at what it means to be part of corrupt and secret societies and the toll it takes on those that belong to them. 

It's not the first time Crackle has produced an exclusive crime drama, with their TV series based on Guy Ritchie's Snatch being another recent example. Hopefully, the combination of Halpin's writing and experience, along with Bean's performance, will ensure a gritty crime show outside of the norm. Halpin will serve as the showrunner and the premiere episode will be directed by Jeff T. Thomas (Blindspot), so the ingredients for a solid start are hopefully in place.

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We'll keep you up to date with any further developments on The Oath as we hear them.

Source: THR

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