Sean Bean Joins Cast of Death Race Prequel

Last summer we found out that 2008's Jason Statham starrer, Death Race, would be getting a prequel. While we didn't know if this was going the way of the straight-to-DVD trend for prequels and sequels that don't feature the star of the previous franchise installment, we did know as of November some basic plot details and character descriptions.

The film is titled Death Race: Frankenstein Lives and production began February 13, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. We've not heard too much buzz on the project but today there was some major movement with the casting of Sean Bean who will play opposite Luke Goss in the film.

We also can confirm that it is in fact a straight-to-DVD release from Universal's DVD Originals collection.

It's been rumored that Bean would join the cast and now it's confirmed. He joins familiar actors Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Lauren Cohan and Frederick Koehler. I am impressed with the cast for a strict home video release and I almost think this deserves a theatrical release considering the first one opened as such.

Roel Reine (The Marine 2) is directing the movie which will be produced by Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the previous movie.

I'm interested in watching this because I enjoy taking it for what it is, a fun action movie that serves its purpose. That and adding Sean Bean is always a win.

Source: THR

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