Sea of Thieves Adding New PVP Mode

It’s official, Sea of Thieves is getting a PVP mode. Earlier this year it was reported that the action-adventure game was considering adding a Battle Royale mode. Game developer Rare’s design director, Mike Chapman stated that the interest was there but that the developer wanted to create a twist to the game mode. Evidently this is exactly what Rare has done, creating a PVP mode with a few extra flourishes to tie back to the rest of the game.

The pirated themed co-op was released this past March to mixed reviews. Critics praised the open-world gameplay but found there was too little content to keep players engaged. In response, the developer started churning out new content. Rare began sending out a stream of weekly patches as well as releasing several free expansion packs in order to keep gameplay interesting. The first three updates, The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores unveiled a mixture of permanent and time-limited content. Gamers got fog, a volcano, and a megalodon battle added to a world already populated with treasure hunts and fights with angry skeletons. A fourth expansion pack, Shrouded Spoils is set to release later this month.

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With little time left in 2018, Rare is already preparing for next year, beginning with a new PVP mode called The Arena. There is no release date as of yet, but players should expect it to launch early in 2019. According to Polygon, The Arena is not a Battle Royale mode, although the game mode will allow players to compete with one another quickly. The Arena will pit gamers against one another in a search for treasure. The new PVP mode will include a new tavern and a new trading company, The Sea Dogs, who will face off against the players as well.

Sea of Thieves Treasure

The announcement of a PVP mode should come as no surprise. Fans had been clamoring for Sea of Thieves to create a Battle Royale mode. Rare responded by saying the mode, or something like it, would likely happen if they felt there was enough interest. Considering how popular and successful the genre has been, it’s safe to say that players were sufficiently interested. Battle Royales aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, with Call of Duty and Battlefield V creating their own versions to compete with the current reigning champion of the genre, Fortnite. Soon Sea of Thieves will have a competitive mode of their own.

Rare has been hard at work making up for the initial lack of content, but the game was still coming up short when it came to competitive action. The new PVP mode could change all that. To be clear, The Arena won’t be another Battle Royale but Rare never wanted it to be. They set out to create a game different from those around them. Hopefully for players 2019 will unveil a new series of fun content to keep them returning to Sea of Thieves.

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Source: Polygon

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