Sea Of Thieves: How To Form Alliances

Forming an alliance in Sea Of Thieves offers players several benefits – here’s a guide on how to do it. Back when legendary game developers Rare first released Sea Of Thieves in 2018, it wasn’t a massive hit with either players or critics, who found fault with its repetitive gameplay. Since the game’s initial release, Rare has sought to address such criticism with a series of expansions. The Sea Of Thieves updates – especially its massive anniversary update released in April 2019 – have gone to great lengths to improve the game’s reputation and popularity.

One of those updates was the free Cursed Sails expansion which arrived in July 2018, making it the second major Sea Of Thieves content update. Cursed Sails offered players a whole host of new features including new brigantine vessels designed for three-player crews and the ability to battle against fearsome new skeleton ships. Alongside those new features, the Cursed Sails update also gave players the opportunity to form alliances with other ships and their crew.

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Sea Of Thieves alliances are fairly straightforward to form. To signal to other ships that a crew wants to form an alliance, players need to head to their crow’s nest and select the ‘Offer Alliance’ pennant in the flag box which is a red and white triangle-shaped flag with a red heart in the middle. Ships need to be within one grid square of each other on the map and once in range, players can select the ‘Accept Alliance’ option in the flag box to officially join the alliance.

Sea of Thieves Treasure

Up to six ships can form an alliance in Sea Of Thieves and crews are notified when a new ship joins the fleet. Alliances are also assigned their own flag and name, which range from The Terrifying Powder Monkeys Alliance to The Fearless Soap-Dodgers Alliance. Should a ship wish to call a mutiny against their former allies, they can leave an alliance at any time by simply selecting the ‘Leave Alliance’ option in the flag box.

There are several benefits of staying in Sea of Thieves alliances, however. For example, defeating skeleton ships is easier; the more hands there are on deck, the better a ship’s chances are in battling the skeleton crews. Another benefit of being in a Sea Of Thieves alliance is that anytime a crew cashes in their treasure, they get 100% of their rewards while their alliance mates get 50% – it’s practically money for nothing.

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