Screen Rant’s Comic-Con 2019 Guide

SDCC 2019 Guide

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is here, and that can only mean one thing: an awful lot of movie and TV news firing out of the San Diego Convention Center. The biggest comic convention in the world, SDCC has something for everyone, from signings to sales to panels to brand new footage of upcoming projects.

On that front, SDCC 2019 looks a little different to previous years. While it's become known as a major film trailer extravaganza, most movie studios are sitting Hall H out: there's no presence from Universal, Sony or Fox, while Warner Bros. was only in attendance for side event Scarediego with IT: Chapter 2 (meaning no DC Films news). Thankfully, Marvel Studios is returning after skipping 2018, and there's also Terminator: Dark Fate and Jay and Silent Bob. And that's nothing on the TV side, with pretty much every geek show - from the Arrowverse to Westworld, His Dark Materials to Star Trek - represented in a major way. And don't forget about the Release The Snyder Cut campaign presence.

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All of which is to say that SDCC 2019 is going to be unique but no less massive. Screen Rant is there on the ground bringing you the biggest news from every corner of Comic-Con, and it will be all be collected in this handy one-stop-shop guide.

SDCC 2019 Trailers

Terminator Dark Fate SDCC

If you're not at SDCC 2019, then what you really want is the trailers. And there's going to be a lot. Below is an updating collection of every trailer released over the SDCC weekend (only tied to the convention, meaning no Ad Astra or Cats are included).

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SDCC 2019 Footage Descriptions

Black Widow Movie SDCC 2019

It's not just trailers that Hall H panels (among others) offer though. Those in attendance at SDCC 2019 are often treated to exclusive preview footage that won't be released elsewhere and, due to Comic-Con's strict camera rules, rarely make their way online. Thankfully, Screen Rant is there to provide you detailed descriptions of everything shown.

SDCC 2019 Biggest News

Marvel Panels SDCC 2019

Beyond footage (to watch online or read descriptions of) SDCC 2019 is a cornucopia of movie and TV news. It comes thick and fast, from headline Hall H panels, debrief interviews and even out there on the floor. To keep on top of everything, here's an updatable list of all the biggest stories from over the Comic-Con weekend.

SDCC 2019 Panel Info

Kevin Feige and SR Comic-Con 2019

If you want to learn more about the SDCC 2019 panels themselves, including what times they take place and how to follow online, check out our specifically curated guides below.

More Information on SDCC 2019's Biggest Movies & TV Shows

A franchise is not just for Comic-Con. If you're excited about any of the movies or TV shows spotlighted at SDCC 2019, you can find out more with our thorough info guides.

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