SDCC 2018 Scalped Tickets Are Second-Only to the Super Bowl in Price

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the entertainment world, so it may not come as a surprise that scalped tickets for the convention are the second most sought after on the secondary market - with only Super Bowl tickets garnering a higher price. Most attendees for SDCC 2018 have had their passes for months, and the competition to get the sought after tickets is always fierce.

For the past few years, passes sell out completely within hours of becoming available, leaving hopeful attendees glued to their keyboards and crossing their fingers that they may be one of the lucky 130,000+ people who will pass through the doors of the San Diego convention center this weekend. With so many people trying to get tickets, it's not too surprising that there are those who would scalp theirs, despite this being against SDCC rules - and now it's been revealed that these passes are among the most sought-after tickets in live entertainment.

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A source from Vivid Seats (an online ticket marketplace) has provided us with the details:

I work for Vivid Seats  the largest independent online ticket marketplace, and we saw some ticket trends surrounding Comic-Con that I thought might interest you. Vivid Seats  ticket price data shows that the “get-in” listed price for a four-day pass to Comic-Con currently starts at $1,165 — ranking as one of the most coveted tickets in live entertainment, second to only the Super Bowl 52.

SDCC scalped ticket prices

The original price of that same four-day pass (or, more accurately, to buy a pass for each of the days, as the four-day pass no longer exists) was $276. That's a whopping $889 difference, and that doesn't even guarantee entry. SDCC does not allow tickets to be transferred, and has measures in place to ensure that the attendee collecting their ticket (which is done in person, at the site) is the same person who bought it. We reached out to SDCC for comment, and they confirmed that should someone be discovered to be using a transferred pass, the pass would be canceled.

Official badges are available only from Comic-Con directly through our badge sales conducted earlier in the year. Comic-Con is not affiliated with any company reselling badges. To prevent scalping, badges for Comic-Con are non transferable. Each badge features a unique barcode and RFID card registered to the badge holder. Security checks are performed to insure that only the person on the badge is admitted to the event. Resale of badges is strictly prohibited and will result in the cancellation of the badge.

That means that not only will buying a scalped pass set someone back over a thousand dollars, but it's likely that it won't even work. However, it's interesting to see how popular San Diego Comic Con has become, and how much people are willing to pay to get a chance to attend - there should be absolutely no doubt that geek culture has well and truly hit the mainstream.

We've reached out to Vivid Seats for further comment regarding scalped tickets being non-transferable.

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Sources: Vivid Seats, SDCC

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