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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 took place last month, and there was the usual amount of major news regarding the biggest movies and TV shows on the horizon. And while there are plenty of eyes on all the big Hall H panels during the event, SDCC has one other obvious claim to fame: cosplay. Many of the attendees make the trip to California to celebrate all things pop culture by dressing up as one of the favorite characters. Anyone who has walked the show floor can tell you that there are plenty of sights to be seen.

So much happens at Comic-Con that even those who are there can't possibly take everything in. Fortunately, we here at Screen Rant were in San Diego to cover the world famous 'Con, and we were able to get video of several people in costume, representing all corners of media (films, TV, video games, etc.). Watch a compilation of it all above.

Unsurprisingly, there's a plethora of cosplay for Marvel and DC characters, including those from Suicide Squad. David Ayer's entry into the DC Extended Universe was the most-buzzed about film of 2016 during SDCC, as the marketing campaign had gotten several viewers excited for what was to come. There are Harley Quinns aplenty, and even one group of friends dressed as the full Squad. On the Marvel side of things, the person dressed as Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson is a standout, and the one appearing as Red Skull deserves points for commitment. The Minions/Captain America crossover at the end is also cute.

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Deadpool has been a staple of Comic-Con for years, but now that the Merc with a Mouth is the star of the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time, he had an even larger presence at the event than usual. Several fans were more than happy to don the outfit of their favorite antihero, relishing in the character's newfound success. One person even managed to break the fourth wall with a sign reading "SAVE MARTHA," making a reference to the now-infamous scene in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And with Star Wars back at the forefront of the zeitgeist due to Disney's new slate of films, it's no shock to see many stormtroopers, Rebel pilots, and Kylo Rens roaming about during the week.

Cosplay has become a large culture over the years, growing exponentially as geek-friendly properties have taken over Hollywood. People spend a lot of time working on their costumes, and the results in 2016 were as impressive as ever. Anyone who is at Comic-Con is obviously a lover of the material, but cosplayers demonstrate a different level of dedication and illustrate why the movies, shows, and games they're a fan of are important. To all those who wore a costume at SDCC, we salute you.

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