SDCC '09: Heroes Panel (Spock vs. Spock & Claire Kissing Girls)

[UPDATE: One of your favorite Screen Ranters was caught on video! See bottom of the post.]

The Heroes cast showed up to the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con in full force to promote the upcoming (3rd? 5th?) season of the show, appropriately titled "Redemption."

In attendance were show creator Tim Kring, along with stars Jack Coleman, Masi Oka Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zach Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia, and new additions to the cast Robert Knepper (Prison Break), Dawn Olivieri, Madeline Zima (Californication) and Darth Maul himself, Ray Park.

First there were the usual promotions: Heroes: Redemption will once again find our heroes trying to "go back to a normal life."  We'll get to see how a different band of super powered individuals (villains?) have been able to accomplish this very thing, hiding in plain sight as a traveling carnival.

Robert Knepper's character, Samuel (super power: "earth-mover"), will be carnival ringmaster, while Park's character (power: super-speed) will be his knife-wielding henchman. Olivieri's character (power: magic tattoos) will be a carny as well, though her loyalties are somewhat unclear. She's also naked "most of the time."

Here some pics of the new heroes:


As for the cast we know and love:

HRG: He's trying to start a new "Company" even as the rest of his personal life is crumbling around him.

Claire: Off to college to live a normal life. Meets a new friend with benefits (Zima's character).

Hiro: Finds out his the pain from using his powers maybe worse than he thought. Embarks on a bucket list/destiny quest.

Peter: A little more grown up and hardened now that his whole family has tried to kill him, ready to be his own man and goes back to saving lives as a paramedic. Still ready to rumble though.

Nathan: Going through the Jeykll/Hyde experience of sharing a body with Sylar.

Matt Parkman: Going insane from psychic echoes of Sylar.

Sylar: Fighting over his body with Nathan and his mind with Parkman. Kicking ass on both fronts.


Ali Larter's character will be back and wetter than ever; Ando will be starting a company with Hiro; and Mrs. Petrelli will still be nodding off only to wake up and freak out about the future.

Oh, and there's something about a magic compass(?) thrown in there.

A montage/trailer of "Redemption's" first three episodes was shown and I have to say, it had a lot of action and some very cool scenes and developments (a scene with HRG trapped in car filling with water stood out). However, am I ready to jump back into the "Heroes is awesome" deep end quite yet? Eh... not quite yet. But "Redemption" looks like it definitely has potential.

Some other highlights: HRG trapped in a car filling with water while in mid-traffic; a super speed knife fight between Peter and Ray Park; Mrs. Petrilli's sister having Nathan/Sylar whacked Godfather style and buried alive; the aforementioned girl kiss; and finally...Sylar rising from the grave. And that's all just the beginning!

Kring spoke to recent criticism of the show while not quite speaking about them. He said that this season they're stripping away the "unrelatable elements" of the show (super powered beings fighting it out) and getting back to the characters we know and love. When one fan asked a question about whether or not the Heroes cast would go back to being as diverse as it used to be, Kring hinted that at would, and to keep an eye out for casting announcements.

Funny anecdote to end on: When Zach Quinto was asked by the moderator who would win in a fight between Spock and Sylar, Quinto said, "Spock...I believe that good should ultimately triumph over evil."

When asked who would win in a fight between old Spock and new Spock, Quinto said (with a sly smile), "[Leonard Nimoy], in one round."

UPDATE: Check out what fans had to say about the upcoming season (who's that handsome guy in the "Philly" shirt near the end of the video ????):

Heroes: Redemption premieres on September 21st on NBC.

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