Martin Scorsese to Direct SCTV Reunion Special For Netflix


Legends will come together as Martin Scorsese directs an SCTV reunion documentary special for Netflix, with Jimmy Kimmel set to host a live audience segment featuring much of the original cast. Comedy series SCTV, about the bizarre programming featured on a fictional television station located in the made-up town of Melonville, debuted in 1976 on Toronto's Global Television Network. The cast included many Second City performers who would later become household names, including John Candy, Harold Ramis, Martin Short, Rick Moranis, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara.

SCTV's comedic offerings were divided between parodies of game shows, talk shows, soap operas and TV movies, and sketches about the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the fictional network (which themselves became an on-going Godfather parody). Perhaps the show's most famous bit featured Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas as beer-guzzling Canadian brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie, hosts of their own show The Great White North, a hilarious lampoon of Canadian stereotypes that later spawned the Shakespeare-based (no kidding) cult movie Strange Brew. Over the years SCTV would bounce to CBC, then to NBC for a three-year run and finally to Cinemax for its last season in 1983-84.

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As reported by THR, SCTV will now get a Netflix reunion documentary to be directed by Martin Scorsese. As part of the show, original series regulars Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas will appear before a live audience for An Afternoon with SCTV, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Martin Scorsese The Irishman

Notably absent from the roster of stars reportedly set to appear in the live audience sit-down is Rick Moranis. The mostly-retired Moranis has largely shunned the spotlight since the 1990s, though he did appear alongside Dave Thomas for a benefit concert last year in Toronto. After SCTV, Moranis would become a bona fide comedy star in movies like Ghostbusters and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Moranis also appeared as Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, another project many hope will one day soon return for a sequel (with Moranis of course reprising his role).

Beyond Bob and Doug McKenzie, probably the best-known character to emerge from SCTV was Ed Grimley, the insane dancing weirdo portrayed by Martin Short. After developing Grimley on SCTV, Short would later take the character with him to SNL. For folks who fondly remember the satirical hijinks of SCTV, the show that introduced many Americans to the self-deprecating comedy stylings of Canada, Martin Scorsese and Netflix's special should prove to be an interesting and nostalgic trip. Of course that trip will also have its bittersweet moments, given the passing of SCTV legends John Candy and more recently Harold Ramis.

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In addition to handling the SCTV special for Netflix, Martin Scorsese has also been banging out the big-budget gangster movie The Irishman for the streaming service.

Source: THR

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