Zach Braff Posts Scrubs Cast Reunion Photo; Sparks Season 10 Hopes

Scrubs star Zach Braff has posted a picture of a reunion of the sitcom's cast, leading to speculation that a revival might be on the horizon. Scrubs has a more interesting on-air history than most sitcoms. The series began on NBC in 2001, and ran for seven seasons. After season 7, NBC cancelled Scrubs, and ABC, who helped produce the show, picked it up for a final couple of years. Only season 8 though contained most of the original cast. The controversial Scrubs season 9 was more of a failed attempt at a spinoff, with a largely new set of characters.

Given the way Scrubs ended, with a new group and a series finale that wasn't much of a series finale, fans have been hoping for some kind of continuation. It's a fire that Braff has fueled several times, even admitting that he pitched a 2-hour reunion movie once to ABC. While there's no plans currently announced for any type of Scrubs movie, reboot or revival, Braff does seem to be testing the waters again with a new social media tease.

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The internet doesn't really need an excuse to speculate if their favorite sitcoms are coming back to the air. However, Braff certainly didn't help matters when he posted a photo to his Twitter of the nearly entire principal cast of Scrubs and series creator Bill Lawrence with the caption "Season 10?" Almost everyone who was a series regular on Scrubs during its 9(ish) season run is included in the shot. There are just a few notable exceptions, such as Sam Lloyd (Ted), Aloma Wright (Laverne), and most interestingly Bill Lawrence's wife Christa Miller, who played Jordan.

It's certainly possible that the above reunion is simply just a reunion between old colleagues. That said, if there was going to be a Scrubs revival, even if it's just for a movie like Braff pitched, now would be a very good time to strike. ABC, the likely network for a Scrubs reboot, has already seen a lot of success with its Roseanne revival, and its later spinoff The Conners. The cast of Scrubs also isn't attached to any ongoing projects. Braff's recent ABC sitcom Alex, Inc. was cancelled, and Bill Lawrence hasn't had a TV series on the air since 2016 with the very short-lived reboot of Rush Hour on CBS. Not to mention the fact that Neil Flynn worked for several years on ABC's sitcom The Middle, and Sarah Chalke is still involved with the network due to her connection to Roseanne and The Conners.

Sitcom revivals are also very hot currently. It's true that there have been far more rumors about shows possibly coming back than shows that have actually returned to the air. However, between the successes of Will & Grace, Roseanne, and to a much lesser extent Murphy Brown, there's proven money to be made in bringing back a classic series. A Scrubs revival would be a bigger risk than any of the previously mentioned reboots. The show was always critically acclaimed but it was never a huge ratings hit, becoming more of a cult classic. Although with the availability of Scrubs on streaming services, its popularity could have changed in recent years, and that could make a revival a very tempting proposition for ABC or any other outlet who wants to give these fictional doctors another chance.

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