Scrubs: The 10 Worst Things Turk Ever Did, Ranked


Christopher Turk was one of the main characters in the sitcom Scrubs. He was best friends with J.D. and was romantically involved with Carla from pretty much the start of the series. He even grew close with other characters such as Elliot and The Todd. Throughout the series, it was clear that he valued all the relationships he formed before and during his time at Sacred Heart Hospital.

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In spite of his closeness and his ability to show his appreciation for his loved ones, he, like most of the characters, did not always treat them well. Here are 10 of the worst things Turk has ever done, ranked.

10 He Almost Ditched J.D. And Their Apartment Plans

During the very first episode of the first season, both Turk and J.D. started interning at Sacred Heart Hospital. Throughout the episode, J.D. tried discussing finding a new apartment for himself and Turk, the latter of whom brushed off the subject for about half of the episode.

He later expressed to J.D. that he thought that it was time they moved in with other people, and for Turk, it was implied he was considering living with The Todd, a fellow surgical intern. While Turk was in his right to want to live with other people, he avoided the subject with J.D. for as long as he could, leaving J.D. in limbo about his living situation without even realizing it.

9 He Tried To Bribe Dr. Kelso Into Allowing Him To Assist In Open Heart Surgery

During season 5 episode 7, Turk's storyline revolved around getting a heart donor in order to earn the opportunity to be the resident assisting in the first open-heart transplant done at Sacred Heart. Before he was given this task, he tried to bribe Dr. Kelso into giving them the opportunity without earning it by giving him a bobblehead. Dr. Kelso then informed him that he was not the only resident to try to bribe him.

Turk, like the other residents, tried to go behind his colleagues' backs in order to get ahead in the field in which they all work. Dr. Kelso ended up taking none of the bribes and informed all the residents that whoever could convince the family of a brain dead patient to pull the plug and donate his heart would assist in the transplant.

8 He Didn't Tell Carla Perry Had Feelings For Her

Carla and Turk from Scrubs

In season 1 episode 13, Carla asked Turk to bond with Dr. Perry Cox, a friend of hers. Through Turk spending time with Perry, he learned that Perry still had feelings for Carla, and she did not know about it. Turk intentionally did not tell Carla because he felt it was not his place and because Perry informed him he was not going to get in the way of Turk and Carla's relationship.

In season 1 episode 24, Turk and Carla got into an argument because Turk was insecure about the status of their relationship. During that same episode, Jordan Sullivan, Perry's ex-wife, told Carla that Perry had feelings for her and that Turk knew about it but chose not to say anything. This rightfully upset Carla because she was trying to convince Turk that their relationship was solid, and this just showed her that Turk did not think so.

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7 He Lied to Carla About His Diabetes Diagnosis


In season 4 episode 6, Turk showed symptoms that led him to think he has diabetes, which was later confirmed by another doctor. Carla asked about his checkup and he lied saying it was the flu. Even Turk wasn't initially sure why he didn't tell Carla, especially after she made him a large chocolate cake.

Had he told her initially and not waited, she would have been able to be more conscious of his diet and could have saved her the trouble of baking. Also, his lying about his diagnosis is just one example of his poor communication skills in his relationship with Carla.

6 He Kept Carla's Pregnancy A Secret From Her

In season 5 episode 16, Carla took a pregnancy test and thought it was negative. Turk took a second look at the test to find that it was positive. He told J.D. about it, who then had the idea to surprise Carla with the news because men never get to tell their wives that they're pregnant. Turk agreed and slowly the whole hospital found out, except for Carla.

Turk learned that Carla wanted to be the one to tell everyone the news, which made Turk realize that keeping the news from her was a bad idea. In the end, she was just happy to be pregnant, but that still doesn't change the fact that Turk took a very special moment away from her.

5 He And Carla Kicked J.D. Out With No Notice

In season 4 episode 18, Carla and Turk kicked J.D. out of the apartment with very little time to find new accommodations. When he tried reasoning with Turk to convince Carla to let him stay, Turk revealed that it was his idea. This left J.D. without a home and bouncing between different coworkers apartments, and his girlfriend Kylie's apartment, who wasn't wholly comfortable with the idea of him sleeping over.

Neither Turk nor Carla allowed J.D. time to find a place while he was still living with them. They were so concerned with their need for space that they neglected J.D.'s needs in the process.

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4 He Later Secretly Let J.D. Still Live With Them

Scrubs JD and Turk

Toward the end of season 4, J.D. moved out for good in order to give Turk and Carla space. However, after finally finding an apartment, his upstairs neighbor's tub fell through the ceiling into his apartment. Because he had nowhere to go, Turk let J.D. live with him and Carla once again, but this time without telling Carla. This led to such measures as hiding J.D. in a backpack in order to sneak him into the apartment.

Carla ultimately found out and was justifiably upset about it. As her husband, Turk should have communicated that J.D. needed a place to stay while he either looked for a new place or waited for his new apartment to be fixed.

3 He Took Advantage of Carla Not Knowing He Spoke Spanish

Turk learned to speak Spanish as a gift for the six-year anniversary of his and Carla's first date, which is a good thing. However, before it was time to exchange gifts, he took advantage of the fact that she did not know that he could understand her.

He eavesdropped on conversations she had and used what he overheard to his advantage such as cleaning the apartment in order to have "brinner," or breakfast for dinner. What was originally a sweet gesture turned into a selfish act for a time until Carla learned about his ability to speak Spanish, putting that set of antics to rest.

2 He Secretly Gave Carla Birth Control Pills

When Turk and Carla first started trying to conceive, Turk was worried that he wasn't actually ready to become a father. He also was afraid to tell Carla he didn't feel ready because she was so excited about the idea of having a child. As a result, he secretly slipped Carla birth control pills.

Carla eventually found out when she found a pill in a brownie Turk gave her. Carla and Turk are able to work things out and Turk ultimately felt more comfortable about having children, but he still should have been more open with Carla about how he was feeling.

1 He Didn't Tell An Ex-Girlfriend He Was Married

In season 4 episode 19, early into his marriage to Carla, Turk maintained contact with his ex-girlfriend Rosanna. When J.D. found out, he threw Turk's phone out the window, causing Carla to find the phone and find out about his continued contact with Rosanna. Carla asked Turk not to talk to her anymore, to which Turk agreed.

When Carla asked him how he ended up severing contact with Rosanna he said he just told her that he was married. This caused Carla to move out for a time. Turk's neglecting to tell his ex that he was married almost ended his marriage, making it the worst thing he had done in the series.

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