Scrubs: The 10 Worst Things Perry Ever Did, Ranked

Perry Cox from Scrubs had insults at the ready for all his coworkers. They all took his insults in their stride, even to the point of brushing them off. He was so well known for it that even Dr. Kelso, Perry's superior, allowed Perry to insult him on nearly a daily basis, and usually had his own insults to fire back.

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His coworkers took his insults because they knew that, in spite of the insults, he valued them as doctors. However, he rarely showed it. In fact, he tended to treat his friends and family poorly, with a few exceptions. The following are the 10 worst things Perry ever did, ranked.

10 He Made Keith Call J.D. Into Work On His Day Off

In season 5 episode 7, as a way to get back at J.D. for his constant pestering, he forced Keith to call J.D. into the hospital on one of his days off. He even hired Laverne's gospel choir to sing "Payback is a b*tch" to J.D. upon him finding out he was not necessarily needed. J.D. then spent the rest of the day trying to get home and enjoy his day off while also being asked to complete tasks in the hospital.

Payback seemed to be the only way some interns and residents such as J.D. would listen to him, but he could have still found a way to communicate to J.D. that he needed space, rather than making J.D. waste an entire precious day off.

9 He Shamed J.D. For Being Feminine

Throughout the show, Perry called J.D. women's names such as "Carol" or "Tiffany." He also convinced those around him, including his son Jack, to call J.D. feminine names. He did so in attempts to degrade J.D. and also to create a distance between the two in the hope that J.D. would leave him alone.

He also mocked J.D. for ordering stereotypically feminine drinks, such as Appletinis, while Perry and others drank beers when at the bar. J.D. made clear several times that he prefers Appletinis over beer and that he was comfortable with that part of himself. However, that never stopped Perry from relentlessly mocking him.

8 He Treated His Girlfriend Kristen Badly

Later in season one, Perry met an older student by the name of Kristen Murphy. They hit it off and started dating. However, during the beginning of their relationship, he still booty called his ex-wife, Jordan, and did not tell Kristen about it.

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He also ditched plans with Kristen in order to help Carla, whom he had a crush on, move a dresser. Kristen didn't know about his crush or his reason behind canceling. She eventually found out about both Carla and Jordan, which caused her to break up with him on the spot.

7 He Acted In A Sexist Manner Towards Elliot

In season 1 episode 3, Dr. Kelso called Elliot "sweetheart" after she answered a question correctly during rounds. She was immediately put off by this and sought advice from Perry. He reluctantly gave Elliot advice and sent her on her way. As she left the room, he smacked her butt. She did not expect that and did not appreciate it.

Perry was acting in a deliberately sexist (and harassing) manner toward her intentionally, showing her how little he cared about the issue she had come to him with.

Furthermore, throughout the series, he referred to her as "Barbie," merely because she was blonde and a woman. While he did not ever express that he believed her to be any less capable than the male interns and residents, he still was degrading her by calling her "Barbie" which has connotations of being a dumb blonde.

6 He Tricked Elliot Into Confronting Dr. Kelso

In the same episode and scene in which Perry smacked Elliot's butt, he told her to confront Kelso about his sexism in calling her "sweetheart" when the men were referred to as "sport." Perry told her this merely because he asked her to leave him alone and she did not listen to him.

While it was rude of her not to respect Perry's wishes, it was equally rude of him to give Elliot the advice he did when he knew that Dr. Kelso would not take Elliot's confrontation well. He essentially sent her to Kelso as punishment for bugging him.

5 He Made Janitor Hold A Painting In His Office All Day

When Perry became Chief of Medicine, he asked Janitor to hang up a painting in his new office. However, as a prank, Janitor hung it up from the ceiling with a string, rather than on the wall. As payback, Perry forced Janitor to stand in the office and hold the painting all day.

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Janitor may have deserved some kind of repercussions for the prank, but standing in a room and holding a painting all day sounds uncomfortable. Also, because he had to do that, Janitor lost time he could have spent doing his job.

4 He Tortured His Doctor When The Second Vasectomy Didn't Take

In season 4 episode 14, after Jordan had a pregnancy scare, Perry got a vasectomy, changed his mind, reversed the vasectomy, changed his mind again, and got another vasectomy. Later, in season 5 episode 24, Jordan found out she was pregnant, meaning the vasectomy didn't take.

In retaliation, Perry and Jordan duct-taped the doctor who performed the second vasectomy to a chair and forced him to listen to Ted Buckland, the hospital lawyer, and his a cappella group sing a never-ending version of the Chili's "I Want My Baby Back Ribs" jingle.

3 He Wrecked Janitor's Van

In season 4 episode 19, Janitor bet Perry that he could get a date with Elliot, with the winner getting the loser's car. Janitor told Elliott about the bet, and Elliot agreed to go on a date with him for the sake of winning the bet. Ultimately, though, Perry found out that Elliot only went on a date with Janitor because she knew about the bet, meaning that Perry actually won.

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Janitor honored the bet and gave Perry the van. Upon receiving the van, Perry totaled it just to mess with Janitor which upset Janitor and he mourned the loss of his van.

2 He Convinced The Whole Hospital Dr. Kelso Was Dead

In season 2 episode 19, Perry asked Dr. Kelso to purchase new computers for the hospital because the hospital's computers at the time were old and slow. Dr. Kelso instead spent the money intended for computers on a portrait of himself and a trip to Hawaii.

To get back at Dr. Kelso, Perry convinced the entire hospital that Dr. Kelso passed away while he was actually out of the hospital, playing golf. Perry's actions resulted in Dr. Kelso's entire office being cleared out. Eventually, it was revealed that Dr. Kelso was still alive and the office furniture was returned.

1 He Got His First Vasectomy Without Telling Jordan

As mentioned above, in season 4 episode 14, Jordan had a pregnancy scare, causing Perry to get a vasectomy. However, he did so the first time without first telling Jordan.

She eventually found out due to overhearing Dr. Kelso talk to Perry about it, and was ultimately understanding because she viewed the two of them as two independent people. While that is valid in a relationship, a vasectomy is a big decision that Perry should have discussed with Jordan in order to make sure that they were on the same page in terms of having more children.

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