Scrubs: Ranking Sacred Heart’s Best Employees

We've come to know the members of the Sacred Heart staff extremely well over Scrubs' nine-year run. The characters on Scrubs are shown any light-hearted spectacle as the television comedy series brings out a cast of peculiar characters. J.D. is the leader of the crew, with his best friend, Turk, honing in on his shenanigans. Then we have Elliot and Carla who each possess their own remarkable traits, and then there’s people like Perry Coxs, a lead medical professional that most people would be scared to have in their ER.

However, there is something charming about this group of characters, and, though, the cobwebs of humor and facetiousness, there is an underlying tone of melancholy from these real situations. These people may be strange at times, but it’s hard to say that Sacred Heart's employees aren’t doing their very best. So, here are is the ranking of Sacred Heart's best employees.

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10 The Todd

Todd is a surgeon who acts like he owns the place. It seems strange that he is able to find his way into this career considering his general demeanor.  Still, Todd has proven himself on a few occasions, if you want to choose to overlook his general sense of masochism and incompetence. Sure, he's a great comic relief when life at the hospital gets too daunting, but are there really surgeons like this at hospitals?

9 Ted Buckland

Ted is way too obsessive and stressed-oriented to make a good lawyer. How he ever managed to land a job to represent an entire hospital is a mystery. On the rare occasions that he can get employees to listen to his concerns, he has been able to help pull Sacred Heart out of a jam or two. His primary job, though, seems to be the assistant to Bob Kelso, who acts all his all-mighty leader. The roles should really be reversed, so it's telling as to the caliber that Ted performs his duties.

8 Bob Kelso

Bob Kelso is actually pretty fitting to run Sacred Heart. As the Doctor of Internal Medicine, his intimidating facade works perfectly to get the interns to sit up and pay attention and works just as well to whip any dismantling doctors back into shape. His long-standing career seems to have hardened the old man, which is probably why his emotions seem to run thin. That, or he truly doesn't have any compassion, which isn't something most people want to see from their doctor.

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7 Janitor

Neil Flynn as The Janitor in Scrubs

Out of all the employees at Sacred Heart, the Janitor may take his job the most seriously. He's a professional through and through, even if his job is cleaning toilets and mopping the floors. However, his inner mischievousness gets in the way of his duties at times. It is definitely not beneath him to go out of his way to spy on J.D. or to make his working environment that much more uncomfortable. If not for his shenanigans, the Janitor might have even been Sacred Heart's number one employee.

6 Laverne Roberts

Laverne is the front-duty nurse who honestly never seems to leave. Her cavalier attitude is on par with Kelso's, but this woman is loaded with sass. She's the one who knows how to do her job right the first time and doesn't sugar coat it when others are doing their jobs wrong. She's always on the front line in emergency situations, and she's personable enough to be liked by everyone at Sacred Heart.

5 Elliot Reid

Elliot Reid takes some getting used to, even for those who work alongside her. She seems to screw up time and time again, and initially shows no signs of digging into her issues. She comes across as a know-it-all despite her failures, which is especially irritating. However, Elliot seems to have grown the most over the show'ss run, and ultimately she becomes one of the most caring and compassionate doctors in Sacred Heart's arsenal.

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4 Christopher Turk


Turk is the competitive sort and has no shame about it. His regaling attitude helps him success faster than most, which is why it's no surprise that he finds his way to the top as a surgeon. He has a couple of hiccups here and there, but he's one that's willing to learn from his mistakes and keeps on using them to further himself. Combined with his genuine passion with his career and his patients, it's safe to say that Turk's promotion to Chief of Surgery at New Sacred Heart Hospital is well-deserved.

3 J.D.

Despite being a bit of a dreamer with his head in the clouds, J.D.'s strength lies in his morals. He has an intuition that most doctors could only hope to possess. On top of that, J.D. learns a lot through his mentorship with Dr. Cox which, while intimidating and harsh sometimes, helps him on his ultimate journey. J.D. excels past his peers and eventually becomes the Residency Director at St. Vincent's Hospital.

2 Perry Cox

Dr. Perry Cox is probably the most unconventional doctor at Sacred Heart. His bedside manners are atrocious, which is usually a deal-breaker when it comes to medical professionals. However, the success of this hospital could be solely traced back to Dr. Cox and his wayward teaching methods. The fact that he turns J.D. from a clumsy resident to a prestigious hospital executive is telling of his abilities. Sure, he's unorthodox and rude, but, like J.D., he has a unique perception, and he's able to make quick calls that ultimately save patients' lives. He can even show compassion when the situation calls for it.

1 Carla Espinosa

Carla is the unstoppable go-getter and number one employee at Sacred Heart. Right from the jump, it's clear that Carla holds the reins at this hospital, even having those like Dr. Cox run with their tail between their legs. She has the perfect balance of a tough exterior and benevolence, which is why it's so hard to diminish her goals. She perseveres through both her personal obstacles as well as the hardships of working with ill-fated patients. After over a decade of working twenty-hour days as the Head Nurses at Sacred Heart Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, her retirement is decidedly deserved.

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