Scrubs: 10 Best JD Quotes

JD had quite the mishmash of heartwarming and hilarious quotes on Scrubs. Here are 10 of his best.

Scrubs doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for being a sitcom that was both funny and philosophical. Within every episode, you could find a life lesson hidden in JD’s various thoughts and quotes, and looking back at all that JD learned makes Scrubs a very mature show.

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JD himself has been underrated due to his demeanor of being a kind of clown in personality. However, the point of the series was to show that JD needed to learn how the world worked, and these 10 quotes prove that JD did grow up to be an enlightened individual we can all learn from.

10 "Maybe the best thing to do is stop trying to figure out where you’re going and just enjoy where you’re at."

JD was a special case in that he would live in the moment, but also constantly worried about what was coming next. This is what caused him to go on his fantasy sequences, as he wanted a way to grasp what might be. 

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However, this is the realization that JD needed the whole time, where he understood that there was no point in where things might go when he could enjoy where he was at present. It’s the same for everyone else as well, because you should appreciate where you are, rather than worry for something out of your control.

9 "The problem with people who only want what they can’t have is that once they have what they want, they don’t want it anymore."

Scrubs TV series cast

Here’s another universal truth for you. JD also got this, although it was generally too late and always had to do with his romance with Elliot. In the series, JD became obsessed with wanting Elliot back whenever she was with another man, only to not be very fond of her when they did get together.

This is because people are mostly like this; we want what we can’t have just because it’s something that isn’t easily attainable. The moment we do possess it, the appeal around it is lost because there’s no challenge anymore.

8 "I Miss You So Much, It Hurts Sometimes."

The bromance of JD and Turk was always very close to turning into a romance, with both of these guys being very co-dependent on another. In Season 1, JD saw for the first time in their friendship that Turk might be slipping away and confessed his fears in a romantic sort of way. 

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Still, knowing how JD was, there was no other manner where he could have conveyed his feelings of isolation from Turk because he saw the latter as the best part of him. Plus, who doesn’t want a friendship where you can be so open with the other?

7 "I guess when you care about someone, you’ll do whatever you can to make them happy."

Although JD and Elliot broke up and got back together more times than we could count on Scrubs, they did want the other to be happy. JD, in particular, showed this when he saw Elliot move on with someone else, and would be willing to step back so that Elliot would be happy.

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It took a lot of trial and error to get there, though, as the two would dump other love interests to be together, but then have their egos get in the way. It was only when they were apart for a while that they understood that they could be happy for each other because of the love and care they had for one another.

6 "And who's to say this isn't what happens? Who can tell me that my fantasies won't come true? Just this once..."

In what were supposed to be the final words of the series, JD confessed that his fantasies always were meant to be projections of what he wanted to be reality. As it happened, JD imagined a future scenario where he saw himself marrying Elliot and starting a family, along with the friends he wanted to stay in touch with. 

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His fantasies were treated as a joke the whole time on the show, but inwardly JD had kept hope that they would come true. You can’t fault the guy for feeling this way too, because reality would be so much better if we got what we wanted, even just once.

5 "I Love You More Than Turk."

Those who aren’t familiar with Scrubs won’t realize how much of a big deal this was, but the fandom knows this was an enormous confession of love. After all, we saw for so many years that Turk was basically the love of JD’s life, and for him to say he loved someone else more than Turk was a much bigger deal than a simple, “I love you.”

This was the kind of declaration of love that stands out more than others, because it is something that shows development of a character. It was here that JD felt secure enough with Elliot to truly tell her that she was the one.

4 "Sometimes in life when you get what you want, you end up missing what you left behind."

Chasing your dreams is kind of overrated, to be honest. The entire time your focus is on the journey so much that you don’t appreciate it enough when you do achieve what you want. More often than not, you end up in a situation where you don’t have what you used to.

It is at this point that people usually realize that they were better off where they started; whether it is because they miss their old friends or who they used to be. So, it’s better to hold the ones close to you at all times rather than taking them for granted.

3 "In the end, you have to trust that the perfect woman will always lead you in the right direction."

There were a whole lot of love interests for JD during the show, but we saw him make the same mistakes with these women over and again. JD attributed it to choosing the wrong kind of woman to be with, and he was right too because mostly they just weren’t the ones for him.

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JD would also become what he wasn’t when he was with these women, and that’s because he was easily swayed. In the end, he needed the perfect woman to keep him true to himself and also enable him to move on in his life in the best possible way.

2 "The truth is, it is all your memories, the joyful ones and the heartbreaking ones that make up who you are as a person."

Yes, nobody likes being sad; it’s awful and doesn’t feel good, but it is necessary. In life, you’ll never get to appreciate your good times for what they are if you don’t remember when times were bad. 

A person isn’t a human being if they’re all happiness and no gloom, because memories are what define who we are. And it is in times of sadness where you learn how to cope with your struggles. Once the bad times are out of the way, you’ll come to appreciate them for making you into a stronger person.

1 "Jambalaya."

All right, we’ve been giving you philosophical quotes here the whole time, but here’s what might be the funniest one by JD. In this scene, JD was on the spot to guess Dr. Kelso’s age, and to change the subject he invited Kelso and his wife for “homemade Jambalaya.”

Horrified when Kelso actually started considering the invitation, JD instead guessed Kelso was 78-years-old. He came to regret this when Kelso was enraged JD thought he was really that old, and then reverted back to the Jambalaya invitation. To this day, Scrubs fans can’t hear the word Jambalaya and not think of JD.

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