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Since word hit that the Green Lantern movie had been green-lit, people have been tossing out all kinds of theories about how the story of Hal Jordan's transformation into Earth's emerald protector would be told. Well, the Green Lantern script has recently been obtained by some bloggers with good connections, and we here at Screen Rant have the break down for ya.

First off: this movie is going to be EPIC. Writers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green seem to have really captured the essence of the Green Lantern comic: namely that the Green Lantern Corp is a force of good trying to police the universe, and that Hal Jordan, with his indomitable will, is the greatest Green Lantern of all.

(It always gives me chills when I know the filmmakers have recognized the essence of the source material.)

A second thing you should know: this flick will be going extraterrestrial from frame one, baby!


The script dives right in introducing Oa, home of The Guardians--little blue munchkins who created a Central Battery to power the emerald rings of an interstellar police force, the Green Lanterns. The rules get established, (the ring can conjure anything the wearer can imagine and sustain through sheer will power; the rings need to be recharged every so often, has no effect on the color yellow, etc.,) and then it's on to the action as the Green Lantern for Earth sector, Abin Sur, crash lands to Earth having been fatally wounded in a battle with the hive-minded colossus known as Legion. Abin Sur picks test-pilot Hal Jordan to be his successor, seeing good in the man; Hal tries to learn how to use the ring, stumbles, then travels to Oa for training; in climatic showdown Hal Jordan helps the Green Lantern Corp battle Legion and save Oa, earning The Guardians' respect and a permanent position as Earth's new Green Lantern.

Green Lanterns: Hal Jordan (center), Jon Stewart (African-American guy), Kilowog (Pink guy, upper left), and Guy Gardner (right, wearing the vest) fight for The Guardians (blue guys)

The movie is packed with guest stars, including Hal Jordan's mentor, Kilowog; a cameo by future Green Lantern Corp bad-boy, Guy Gardner; a story arc with GL arch-villain Sinestro, which the guys over at IESB refused to elaborate on, except to say that "the writers were very careful to stay true to the character without blowing their load on the first film." And, of course, set ups for Green Lantern prequels and sequels galore. (Rumor has it a certain Mr. Kent might also make an appearance in the film.)


Not too shabby, right? I mean if you're going to do Green Lantern, do it big!

But is the film too epic? There are whispers throughout the blogosphere that this latest script, which the execs over at Warner Bros. are said to be happy with, may now be too grand an undertaking for a director as untested as writer and current GL helm, Greg Berlanti.

So who would Warner Bros. get as a replacement? Some inside sources are saying that Justice League director George Miller could potentially land in the big green chair now that the rumor pendulum has swung the other way, and Justice League is ONCE AGAIN believed to be K.I.A. (Which Screen Rant's own Jamie Williams has been saying for some time, I must admit.)

But all that behind-the-scenes stuff is beside the point: the Green Lantern script actually sounds good! No slapstick crap-fest starring Jack Black! The guys at IESB even went so far as to say that, at least script wise, Green Lantern has the potential be bigger than Iron Man AND/OR The Dark Knight! Blaspheme!? Or prophecy?

Are you psyched for the script, or were you expecting something different from Green Lantern? Let us know. The film is tentatively set for a 2010 release.

Source: IESB

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