Welcome To Screen Rant v5.0

You're looking at Screen Rant version 5.0.

We thought it was time to update our look, and we hope you'll be as pleased as we are with how it's turned out. We've finally strayed a bit from our long time black and gold theme, but opted to stay "dark" to continue to differentiate ourselves from most other movie and TV news sites on the web.

The site has been re-coded from scratch so it should load a lot faster in your browser, and fingers crossed that the incredibly annoying Firefox crash issue will finally be behind us.

Among the changes we've made are going from a two column layout on the home page back to an easier to read single column. With the increase in TV news coverage, movie reviews and trailers, we also decided that it's finally time to split each of those into its own section on the home page to make things easier to find. If you're a long time, hardcore Screen Rant fan who insists on finding everything on one page in chronological order, you can still bookmark our archive page.

We've spaced things out a bit to make it easier to read the site, and compartmentalized different areas on the page, and the comment box is now at the top of the comments instead of at the bottom so you don't have to scroll all the way down to leave your thoughts with us. Speaking of comments, we've added voting - so you can "thumb up" comments you like and "thumb down" those you don't. No, we don't have comment editing... YET, but we promise it's coming soon.

The next phase (which should be arriving within the next few weeks) will be a partial upgrade that will add a community system, allowing you to create profile pages, "friend" other Screen Rant commenters, edit your comments and more.

There may be the odd glitch here and there (always the case with such a drastic change), so please bear with us and DO give us feedback on what you like, don't like and any problems you might uncover over the next few days!

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