Screen Rant Is Upgrading To A New Comment System

Hey folks, I just want to let you know that we're upgrading to a new user comment tool. If comments seem to have vanished, don't be alarmed - they'll be back very soon, hopefully all will be back to normal by 9PM PST.

With this new system you can log in with your Twitter, Yahoo!, OpenID or Facebook account. You can comment easily from a mobile phone or comment via email. Oh, and a long requested feature: The ability for you to edit your comments.

The tool we chose is called Disqus, and it’s used pretty widely on the Web by many sites, including a bunch of our fellow movie news sites like /Film and FilmSchoolRejects. You may already even have a Disqus profile that you use on other sites. If you don't have any of the above accounts you can also still comment as a guest.

As I mentioned above, we are porting over all of the old comments (over 110,000!) from our site to the new system. There may be a glitch or two to address over the next couple of days like the side nav links to comments on the home page, which we will fix. If you're subscribed to any article comment threads, you will have to re-subscribe using the new system, however, since the old email subscription method is going away.

We hope the change makes it more fun (and interesting) for you to comment and interact with us and with one other. We have a lot of loyal readers who come back day after day to join together in great conversations about the latest movie news and we're hoping that you like the change and find that it makes things better.

Please let us know via the contact form or below if you have any problems at all and we will get to them ASAP, and let us know what you think about the new system below!

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