Help Screen Rant Pick A New Tagline!

We have a request to make to our loyal readers... When I started Screen Rant over six years ago, I never dreamed it would grow into the site it's become today. It was just a dinky little place where I could complain about the dumb stuff that I thought Hollywood did on a regular basis. Today we've become one of the go to places for folks like you to find out what's happening with your favorite movies - along with a dose of attitude and a great place to share your thoughts on the latest TV and movie news.

Well every website needs a slogan or tagline, and I took about 12 seconds to come up with ours back in the day. Actually it used to be different... It was the VERY catchy:

SciFi, TV, movie news & commentary without the sugar coating.

Was I a marketing genius, or what? :)

Well over time it evolved to the current:

TV and Movie News without the Sugar Coating

Now personally, being the old fart that I am, I think that's not bad - but I understand that some of the young 'uns are finding that kind of old school. So I'm open to upgrading our tagline for the 21st century, and this is where YOU come in...

We want YOU to help us come up with Screen Rant's new tagline. As incentive we'll send the winner a very rare, and totally awesome Screen Rant T-shirt (I'm wearing one in this picture):

Rules? I can't really think of any... I'll just say that there's no guarantee that we'll end up going with a suggestion if nothing really catches our eye, but I'm thinking that using the collective power of Screen Rant commenters, something completely awesome is bound to surface. If someone suggests something that significantly influences our own selection, you'll still get a T-Shirt. Only thing I can think of as far as a rule is that if two similar suggestions are made, the first one wins out.

Have at if folks and put YOUR stamp on the site!

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