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Lots of movie news bites for you all! Let's start out with what's happening with Justice League, which seems to be a dream film for fans, but with Warner Brothers' decision to not use Christian Bale or Brandon Routh as Batman and Superman, respectively, fans aren't happy. The script isn't up to snuff, so according to Superhero Hype!, and a final decision on whether they'll strike ahead vs. waiting for the Writers Strike to end will be made for a major re-write. We may know as early as tomorrow, January 15th.

In related news, it looks like Bryan Singer and Routh are still onboard to bring us the action packed sequel to Superman Returns, Superman: Man of Steel. (Why not just Man of Steel, like The Dark Knight?) The release date was pushed back to 2010, and there isn't an iron-clad guarantee Singer will be back. It looks like producers learned some lessons, and the movie will feature more action, a super-powered villain and less romantic stuff. Hey Spider-Man producers, are you reading this?? Original screenwriters Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty won't be returning, plus the Writers Strike is delaying the start of scriptwriting on the sequel. Source: Superhero Hype!

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The Golden Globes had a press conference this year, due to the Writers Strike. See a list of winners here.

Tyler Mane is out as Sabretooth? Why? I loved him in X-Men. But, amazing actor Liev Schreiber is in as the titular villain, in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, due May 1, 2009. That title is a mouthful! Source: CHUD.

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Looks like rumors of a two parter for a Harry Potter movie are bubbling up again. A few years back, it was thought that at least part 4, Goblet of Fire, would be split up into two movies. Heck, some people complained that they chopped out so much of Order of the Phoenix, it wasn't as good. I haven't read the book or seen the movie yet. Anyway, Ain't It Cool News is reporting that the final movie, Deathly Hollows, may be split into two movies to take full advantage of the last book. But I'm guessing writing it may be difficult with the Writers Strike happening. No word yet, but the movie(s) probably won't come out until 2010, at the earliest.

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