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The new Star Wars: Clone Wars animated feature film will premiere theatrically August 15, 2008, then it will air on Cartoon Network and TNT. This one is from Lucasfilm Animation, not from Genndy Tartakovsky, who oversaw the original Clone Wars series in 2004/05. He's attached to the new Dark Crystal movie.

This is cool, because I was just thinking that it's been three years since the last Star Wars movie, and we're not getting one this year. There were new Star Wars movies in 1999, 2002 and 2005.

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Looks like a re-cast for Destro in G.I. Joe. He was originally to be played by David Murray, who was the jumpy baddie who asks, "Where are you?!" in Batman Begins (when Bats was upside down and answers, "Here!"). Now it looks like Dr. Who's Christopher Eccleston has the role now.

This seems like even better casting to me! Eccelston was also in 28 Days Later, and has a lot of experience that can help him in playing Destro. Apparently, Murray had work visa issues. The movie has started shooting, so producers had to move fast.

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