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UPDATE: A Cloverfield monster action figure, for ages 4 and up (say what?!) can be found at (no picture yet); it ships by the end of September, 2008. Source:

With Cloverfield making big bank, it's almost certain there will be a sequel. The box office numbers are monstrous (pun-intended...sorry), hitting $46 million in North America. No one is talking yet, but in the next couple of days, expect a deal to be reached on a sequel, unless Bad Robot decides it's a one-off. And make it original, not "from another camera, same night." Let's see something fresh and new. See Vic's article for his thoughts on a part two.

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) have cut a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP); can a deal with the striking Writers Guild of America (WGA) be close behind? They've been striking for almost three months, and many in Hollywood and around the globe have been out of work. Plus, if the strike goes on, will they really shut down the Oscars?

I'm starting to wonder if a backlash from the public against the writers may happen if the Oscars are cancelled, or put on like the dismal Golden Globes (a press conference, that's all). You see how this could get political? I really hope the DGA deal gets the WGA and AMPTP back to the table to resolve it amicably, and all sides are happy. Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

After the jump, check out the official Star Trek movie website!

The official Paramount Pictures Star Trek movie website opened, and it's looking a little sparse. I figured the goose bump-inducing teaser trailer seen before Cloverfield would have gone online officially by today (Monday January 21, 2008). Studios will wait until after the trailer premieres before a big movie's opening weekend, to get more people in the theatre, then put it online that Sunday night or Monday morning. But the Star Trek teaser isn't online yet.

As soon as the trailer goes online officially, you can count on Screen Rant to bring it to you, along with new updates.

UPDATE! No sooner do I hit publish, then the trailer goes online officially! Well, that's Murphy's Law for you. Check it out here!

Lastly, are three actors up for the role of Duke in Stephen Sommer's G.I. Joe movie? Looks that way, with Chris Evans (Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies), Matthew Fox (Lost, great choice), and Channing Tatum (a relatively young newcomer), are all vying for the role.

Personally, I think they need to go older vs. younger. A 28 year old Duke seems too young, so Fox has my vote. But how about this? Bruce Willis as Duke--I'd go see that film in a heartbeat! Source: Latino Review; hat tip to Scott M.!

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