Update to Screen Rant Comments in 2018

Since the launch of Screen Rant 15 years ago, passionate discussions between movie and TV fans have been an important part of our site. Comments have been a consistent source of fun and insightful conversation - including valuable feedback about the site. The comments also delivered Screen Rant some of its most beloved team members. Rob Keyes and Chris Agar were both regular commenters long before they started formally writing for the site.

Throughout this time, we never changed the core comment system - for better and for worse. The internet and movie site culture has changed, dramatically, from those early days - and, lately, the home-brew comment system we use is hindering our goal of allowing users to discuss, speculate, and commiserate about their favorite movies and TV shows.

For years, readers have been asking us for easier login solutions and editing options - as well as the ability to quickly report trolls and griefers that inject otherwise enjoyable debates with mean-spirited bullying. This toxicity, where readers with little respect for their fellow commenters have been able to operate relatively unchecked, has become increasingly prevalent as the Internet became entrenched in fanboy tribalism. We tried our best to stamp out bad apples and hired the mighty Paul Young to moderate our comments; however, the sheer volume of troublesome comments where readers are openly attacking fellow readers has reached a breaking point - and we're making a change.

To curtail this problem, as well as allow for features that we know the community has wanted for a long time (editing, reporting, etc), we have moved the site to Facebook comments - effective immediately. There was no perfect solution for the comment sections - and we researched them all. While Facebook has drawbacks, it has become an industry standard on some of the biggest and best sites on the Internet. For us, it will allow the transparency and features we believe are important in ensuring the comments on SR are as civil as they can be. Frankly, in a world where online commenters are being increasingly mean, Facebook (more than most platforms) makes it harder for mean-spirited people to hide behind an infinite number of fake e-mails. We understand that some readers might be reluctant to use Facebook (in light of their recent data troubles); however, you are not required to use your personal Facebook to comment on SR - just that you use a Facebook account.

No doubt, there will be an adjustment period and we'll miss aspects of the old comment system but our primary goal is to make commenting on SR as valuable as possible going forward - especially for people who are active and invested members of our community.

We'll continue to examine how the comment section and our comment policies can be improved. Our team appreciates your patience, understanding, and any constructive feedback you want to share.

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