Welcome to Screen Rant 2.0 (Beta)

It may seem like we just went through a redesign, but that was not only not that different from the one before, but was purely cosmetic. This time we've gutted it and moved it to a completely different platform. We will be adding features that I've wanted to offer you for a long time but haven't had the ability to implement.

I just pulled an all nighter so the site is up but no bells and whistles beyond the new look yet. If you were subscribed to comments on posts, you'll need to re-subscribe to continue to get updates on those.

There will no doubt be lots of little buggy issues and if you find any please let us know about them by either leaving a comment here or shooting me and email via the contact page.

I hope you folks like the new design and I'll alert you as new features come online.


Vic Holtreman


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