The Latest On The Potential SAG Strike

It's been a while since the last update on the potential Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike (yes, that's still floating out there), so I thought I'd bring everyone up to date.

There hasn't been a lot of movement, though in January of this year SAG canceled all Guaranteed Completion Contracts, which is hurting independent film productions.

Last year, in the event a strike were to happen, SAG issued Guaranty of Completion contracts to help keep indie films from shutting down.  However, SAG canceled the Guaranty (also called a "waiver") this past January, which has really hurt these independent productions.

It's tough to get insurance and nearly impossible to get a completion bond, which guarantees a movie will be finished unless a there's a strike.  So it's extremely difficult to raise money to make a movie.  One successful independent producer details how he has been affected at Deadline Hollywood Daily.

In other news, the AMPTP and SAG have been working without a contract of any sort since June 30, 2008.  There has been a lot of discussions about this, both internally and publicly.  Anytime SAG floated the idea of a potential strike vote, many major and minor actors have spoken out against it.

After the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike lasted over 100 days and caused a loss of $2.1 BILLION, a SAG strike could cripple the film and television industry.  With the economy in bad shape, people are flocking to movies and watching TV more than ever, and no one can afford to just stop making movies and TV shows (other than reality).

I don't think we're going to see a strike, but I really hope SAG and the AMPTP can sit down and hammer out a contract, so people can keep working on movies without the fear of a total shutdown.  Or at least start issuing the "waivers" again for indie film productions.

The WGA strike didn't really affect movies and TV shows until they were out of scripts, and no new ones were coming in.  A SAG strike would cripple the industry and lose far more money to the industry.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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