Scream Season 3 Adds Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey will be joining the third season of Scream in a recurring role. Posey played the titular werewolf on the teen horror series, also known as awkward teen Scott McCall. The star wrapped up his six season run as the lead of Teen Wolf only this weekend, but he's already lined up his next big show - also on MTV.

Scream, another horror series, will be launching its third season in the spring as a soft reboot of the show. A new showrunner - Supernatural's Brett Matthews - will be taking the show in a different direction, with an unconnected story and a whole new cast. The third season will also feature the classic Ghostface mask - and now Posey has been announced as a recurring character as well.

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Posey will be appearing in the third season as Shane, described as "a drug dealer and party promoter who is always hustling in order to make money. But beneath that exterior, there's more to Shane than anyone realizes," reports THR. He is joined by star RJ Cyler, in the role of football star Deion, Giorgia Whigham as goth-girl Beth, Jessica Sula as new girl Liv, Giullian Yao Gioiello as the studious Manny, Keke Palmer as social activist Kym, rapper Tyga as Deion’s stepbrother Jamal, and C.J. Wallace as the awkward Amir.

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf

The teen-horror genre is obviously familiar ground for Posey, after his time on Teen Wolf, but he won't be in this role for long, as Scream is being rebooted as an athology series with a rotating cast (a la American Horror Story). This won't be the only place where fans can watch Posey now he's done being a werewolf, either, as he is also set to reprise his role on Jane The Virgin as Adam.

After Scream's lackluster first two seasons, adding such a popular young actor to the rebooted third season promises to help bring in the fans of teen horror TV, a smart move for the series. Of course, not much is known about the plot of the new season, other than the character descriptions of Deion and his unlikely social circle (and of course, that there will be a murderer hunting some of those teens down). The addition of Posey and the promise that Ghostface will return are both promising signs, though, and fans of the original '90s franchise may want to give this show another shot when it returns in March.

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Scream season 3 premieres on MTV in March 2018.

Source: THR

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